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This Forum is dedicated to the denunciation of acts of sheers scientific crimes perpetrated at the American Chemical Society and related conduits mostly by Jews, to the extreme of: the suppression of decency, let alone due scientific process in the submission of even experimental chemical papers in the U. S. A., all papers subsequently published abroad in high level refereed journals; life threats by fanatic Jews to Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli (Curriculum) for his research surpassing Einstein; the murder of the former MIT physicist Eugene Mallove that continues to be believed as having been commissioned by Jewish physicists at MIT attacked by Mallove for their scientific misconducts and executed by Masada operatives from Israel who illegally entered the U.S.A. with fake diplomatic passports; and other very serious misconducts by fanatic Jews so clearly damaging the world wide community of good Jews, exactly as it happened in pre-WWII Germany. In this way, following millennia of similar behavior, the Jewish history keeps repeating itself this time in the U.S.A. because of abuses by their Zionest leaders of abususively secured control for for the exploitation of their hosting country under the sick expectation that exploited people have to be silent and respect their abuses.

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March 15, 2013


by Richard Cox
with comments by
R. M. Santilli et al.

addressed to

the Jewish CEO of the ACS, Dr. Madeleine Jacobs,
and to the America
n President of the ACS Dr. Tom Barton, with copies to
the Jewish editor in Chief of the ACS Journal of Chemical Physics,George C. Schatz,
the American Deputy Editors Drs.
Anne B. McCoy, E-mail:
Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, E-mail:
Catherine J. Murphy, Email:
Prashant V. Kamat, Email:
the Jewish editor in chief of the ACS Journal of Analytical Chemistry Jonathan V. Sweedler

Dear Drs. Jacobs and Barton,

This is to request appropriate action for the editorial misconduct of of the Jewish editor in chief Mr. George C. Schatz of the ACS Journal of Physical Chemistry, because acting in protracted documented discriminatory way favoring Jewish chemists while being abusive and suppressive of the work by American scientists without even the decency of a fake scientific process, in blatant violation of international rules of scientific ethics, accountability and due scientific process. Additional appropriate action is requested against the Jewish editor in chief of the the ACS Journal of Analytical Chemistry J Mr. Jonathan V. Sweedler for coordinating with his Jewish brother Schatz the suppression of scientific democracy he ACS for qualified inquiries that are against organized Jewish interest intent to maintain the current the control of academia in chemistry, including the control of the research funds, chair and prizes, all blatantly against the interest of, and in violation of the very spirit of the Constitution of the United States of America

The last misconduct following along chain identified below, deals with the submission in early January 2013 to the Journal of Chemical Physics the ,manuscript authored by three American scientists with JCP ID No, 209703

Experimental Confirmations of the New Chemical Species of Santilli Magnecules, pdf available from the link

As anyone can see, this paper presents systematic confirmatory EXPERIMENTAL MEASUREMENTS on the new chemical species of magnecules discovered in 1998 by the Italian-Calamari scientist R. M. Santilli (CV:, developed in various papers and monographs, independently verified by various authors in various countries, and currently receiving millions of dollars of investments from the "industrial" in the USA, Europe and China, as anyone can verify in files of the U. S. Public Company Magnegas Corporation traded at NASDAQ under the symbol MNGA,

The Deputy Editors of the JCP, Drs. Anne B. McCoy, Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, Catherine J. Prashant V. Kamat, were very professional and cooperative in assisting me for the proper completion of the submission in conformity with the journal's requirements, and, thanks to their assistance which is here indicated with appreciation, the paper was rules as being ready for review.

At that point, the Jewish editor Mr. Schatz took over the control of paper 209703 and REJECTED THE SUBMISSION WITHOUT ANY REVIEW, in blatant violation of fundamental editorial rules, particularly for experimental papers, not to mention a misconduct on experimental papers dealing with new technologies so much needed by the United States of America to overcome the biggest deficit in the history of mankind.

To understand the need for this denunciation, you should know that the paper had been previously first submitted to the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry and his Jewish editor in chief Mr. Jonathan V. Sweedler rejected the paper also without any review whatsoever.

Following the above misconduct, our International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability hired an Investigative Agency specialized in the electronic surveillance of academic misconduct, which agency reported that the Jewish editor in chief Mr. Schatz conceded with his Jewish brother Mr. Sweedler that "we do not have sufficiently credible arguments to reject the paper on technical grounds due to its experimental character, thus requiring a rejection without review." This documentation establishes the existence beyond at the ACS of an organized Jewish scientific crime that, as such, constitutes a threat to American and mankind.

The same Investigative Agency indicated that the Jewish editors Schatz and Sweedler acted following orders from their Zion leaders in the Cambridge area (Brandeis, Harvard, MIT, etc.) who oppose structural advances by non-Jewish scientists such as Prof. Santilli and and his associates over 20th century chemistry for the evident organized intent of maintaining the current Jewish control of chemistry and related research funds and chairs while notoriously discriminating against American chemists.

To understand the gravity of the condition caused by organized Jewish interests in the U.S. science, and the consequential necessity of this complaint, you should know that the above organized Jewish suppression of due scientific process has been implemented against the advances by Prof. Santilli and his associates, has been going on for decades as denounced, for instance, in the blog

In the event Prof. Santilli had been a Jew, he would have received by now two Nobel Prizes by the Jewish controlled Nobel Foundation, one in physics and one in chemistry. Instead, when he was at Harvard University under DOE support and thereafter, Prof. Santilli has been the victim of truly incredible acts of scientific crimes ALL perpetrated by Jewish physicists there S. Weinberg, S. Glashow, S. Coleman and others, as denounced and documented in the works

In view of the above I request that:

1. Mr. George C. Schatz and Mr. Jonathan Sweedler be terminated as editors of the ACS for editorial misconduct;

2, Paper 209703 be submitted to TECHNICAL REVIEW by the Journal of Chemical Physics via the consultation of "EXPERTS" that, according to international editorial rules, must be scientists with a record of publication, specifically, in the field of the paper.

3) You provide at least the decency of a notification to the authors as to whether paper 209703 will be reviewed, thus being still under consideration by your JCP, or the suppression of due scientific process perpetrated by Mr. Schatz is confirmed.

DISCLAIMER: The Jewish identification of ethnicity is made under the the world wide movement adopted by billions of people, including millions of Americans, of "just anti-Semitism," referred to "non-violent criticism of misconduct by individual Jews," thus being fully justified on all social and ethical, counts, with the clear understanding that the criticism is referred to a minority of Jews (mostly Zionists), while the great majority of Jews is made up of decent, law abiding people who have been victim of of the uncontrolled greed of their leaders through millennia in exploiting their hosting country, as documented in history beyond doubt.

Any comment or lack thereof will be uploaded in this page following written authorization or request.

Richard Cox
International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability
Email: cox6797(at)gmail(.)com

Note added on August 7, 2013

As expected, the above denounciation and petition was ignotred by all partiesx.
Richard Cox


Subject: ACS
Date: 10 Aug 2013 15:53:21 -0400
From: IBR basicresearch(at)i-b-r(dot)org
To: Richard Cox

Dear Richard,

Thank you for consulting me on the blog you have prepared to denounce scientific corruption by organized Jewish interests at the American Chemical Society (ACS) and soliciting my view.

In regard to the ethnic profile, denying the participation of organized Jewish interests in the control of the ACS would be such a hypocrisy to make me feel shame. After clarifying that, in regard to the issue as to whether organized Jewish interests control the ACS, I am not qualified to express a judgment, but I can put you in touch with organizations who know this ethnic profile in depth.

I want however state that, in the eventuality organized Jewish interest do indeed control the ACS, that is an American problem and not a Jewish problem, because Jews merely seek their interests under the protection of our Constitution. the shame would be for fellow American who have allowed with vile servility an Aryan-type control of a vital scientific segment of the Country.

In regard to the scientific aspect, I can safely state that the situation is much worse than that depicted by you, because the suppression of scientific democracy for qualified inquiries, the assassination of due scientific process and other incredible scientific misconducts at the ACS have now reached such a level to constitute a serious national problem primarily due to widespread complicity caused by silent acceptance.

Any conjecture goes at the ACS provided it is compatible with organized interests in chemistry, notoriously those on quantum mechanics and chemistry. Any chemical advance that deviates even minimally from said organized interests, is trashed out and discredited often with vulgar language.

As one example among many, recall that any serious chemist admits that the valence need a quantitative representation via equations producing numbers that are verified with experiments. In this respect, I can mention the following two approaches:

VALENCE MODEL 1: An approach that is currently receiving great interest at the ACS is based on the hyperbolic conjecture that the valence is caused by "proton exchanges" in between the nuclei. this is clearly a political scheme because particle exchange can only occur at one Fermi mutual distances as it is the case for particle exchanges :inside" the nucleus, and it is pure fancy to dream that protons can be exchanged in the vacuum between nuclei in a molecular structure.

VALENCE MODEL 2: A few years ago, I proposed a new representation of the valence in collaboration with Don Shillady, a senior chemist at Virginia Commonwealth University, based on the experimental evidence that valence singlet couplings requires the deep mutual penetration of the electron wavepackets with ensuing nonlinear, nonlocal and non-Hamiltonian interactions beyond any dream of representation with quantum, mechanics and chemistry and solely representable via their nonunitary broadening we called isochemistry [1]. In the same paper, we proved that the deep mutual penetration of wavepackets of valence electrons in singlet coupling creates a strongly attractive force that finally resolved the inconsistency of quantum chemical valence models in which two identical valence electron must repel and certainly not attract each other since they have the same charge. Our valence model also allowed, for the first time, a numerically exact representation of the binding energy and other features from first axiomatic principle;es without screening or other adulterations and, in the top of that, we got a a reduction of computer time at least one thousand-fold.

Despite the unquestionable advances, the Santilli-Shillady strong valence bond caused an uproar of opposition to such an extend that Shillady was threatened to be fired from Virginia Commonwealth University unless he terminates all collaboration with me, he was prohibited to be the co-author of my monograph [2], and was the victim of simply vulgar acts of scientific banditism.

I should indicate that paper [1] was submitted to a journal of the organized interests in chemistry to experience the suppression of scientific process. Paper [1] was then submitted to the IJHE in Oxford and approved for publication in the exact form vulgarly rejected in the U.S.A.

Why this huge disparity? But it is crystal clear: Model 1 is fully compatible with organized interests in chemistry, while Model 2 requires their surpassing via the covering hadronic mechanics and chemistry. Subsequently, in early 2000 I discovered the new chemical species of MagneHydrogen (chemical symbol MH) which can be 99.8% pure hydrogen under a GC-TCD, but its specific weight can be a multiple phat of conventional H2 (with values depending on the production process).

The "review" by the journals of the ACS can only be qualified as shameful because, the new species MH. A reason is that, on one side, MH is based on a new mathematics I initiated when I was at Harvard, and a new chemistry while, on the other side, the ACS editors intentionally send the paper for review to guys who had no knowledge whatsoever of the new field, despite my respectful prayers to consult "experts" in the field.

Disgusted by this type of anti-scientific handling of "experiments" papers, I submitted the paper to a foreign refereed journal and, again, it was approved in exactly the same version as that vulgarly rejected by the ACS [3].

My associate Jerdsey Kadeisvili had a similar experience in exactly the same field. The review by ACS was so preposterous that he was forced to promote the denunciation of the case in the blog

That was the disastrous situation at the ACS in the early 2000. Nowadays, the situation is much worse due to guaranteed impunity for whatever scientific misconduct id done at the ACS. In fact, the case you denounce essentially boils down to the ACS editors spitting in the face of the authors and prohibiting even the consideration - let alone the review - of an experimental paper. Why? because they have learned that undesired experimental papers cannot be dismissed without counter-measurements.

In view of all the above misconducts, abuses, dishonesty and the like, I feel obliged to express my fear - by praying to be wrong - that our Beautiful Country is doomed because of:

(a) America has accumulated the biggest financial deficit in the history of mankind that increases every day by billions of dollars, resulting in an astronomical amount of money to be payed by future taxpayers to the foreign institution carrying the name of Federal Reserve without fellow Americans even knowing their members ! The additional tragedy for America, that may eventually signal its end unless corrected, is that all investigative analyses on such an unprecedented mismanagement of our Nation are suppressed by organized Jewish interests in control of news media, as I can personally testify with the organized suppression of the propagation of my own research. In this way. fellow American do not know that this financial collapse was caused by the Jewish president George Bush II (because son of a Jewish lady) and his administration headed by notorious Jews such as Cheeny, Romsfeld, Woolfitzer & Co. who attacked Iraq to assassinate Saddam Hussein by abusing American money and blood for the sole intent to serve the interests of Israel, despite our unprovoked attack of Iraq had been publicly declared "unethical" by Pope John Paul II, and with with the clarification that no person sane of mind can possibly claim Saddam Hussein being a threat to the U.S.A.

(b) Since WWII, the U. S. Congress and Presidents alike have violated our beautiful American Constitutions requiring a democratic treatment of all peoples, particularly in foreign policies, by instead providing excessively blatant support of Jews for their military control of the Palestinian people, with the resulting emergence terrorism against us at a cost to the American taxpayers of: trillions of dollars for defense against terroristic attacks; the death of ten of thousand Americans, whether in war or in terrorist attacks; the loss of the N.Y. Towers by Palestinians such as Atta - a notorious Pel;estinian and NOT a Saudi name - and all other people responsible for 9-11; and countless damage to America under the paradoxical condition that the Jewish origin of all these so vast damages must remain undisclosed to this day to protext Zazi-type Jewish interests. I feel obliged in this respect to indicate that I felt offended by the investigation following the explosion of the TWA plane off Long Island during which hearing the most remote or farfetched possibilities were considered, except an interview of the several eyewitnesses I personally heard in TV the night of the explosion who independently saw a missile released by a boat hitting the plane because, as I found later on, that missile was launched by Palestinians and Jewish conduct in Palestine had to be protected. I also felt offended by a recent hearing at our U. S. Congress on the assassination of our Ambassador in Libya, because in this hearing too all sort of extreme or farfetched aspects were considered, except the true motivation for the assassination of our Ambassador by Arabs: the excessively undemocratic servility of the U.S.A. to Israel with ensuing tragic consequences for America.

(c) America is afflicted by increasingly alarming climactic changes, with deaths due to winter tornadoes in the Southern Belt now approaching thousands per year, with the expectation that within a few generations the entire Southern Belt of the U.S.A. has to be evacuated, and ensuing social, political and military up-evils everybody can see.

(d) America is suffering such an unprecedented decay of ethics at all walks of life, particularly in its most vital function, the sciences, to such an extent that various foreign observers have made the parallel between the U.S.A. today and the Roman Empire at the beginning of the second century when Rome had indeed the biggest empire in history, but Romans did not understand that it was gone due to collapse of ethics, and two generations later the Roman society collapsed to such an extend that they were unable even to fix their aqueduct, and Rome because a swamp.

(e) The most insidious threat afflicting America today is the widespread lack of interest by fellow Americans to defend our beautiful Constitution in its most vital part, our democracy at all levels of society beginning with democracy in science. As an example, fellow Americans quickly voice criticisms for the misconduct of any ethnic group anywhere in the world, including Arabs, Palestinians, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Latinos, etc., but when dealing with clear misconducts by Jews they avoid their ethnic identification, by therefore assassinating democracy and fomenting the creation of a superior sect above the law in the U.S.A. The lack of interest by fellow Americans to defend our democracy has reached such an extreme that a number of foreign observers compare America today to pre-WWII Europe, with the insidious difference that the dictators of pre-WWII Europe were fully visible to all, while the capillary control of America today in all its most vital functions is hidden, as it is the case of the ongoing control of American academia, science, scientific journals, news media, politics and finance.

May God save America from organized anti-American interests in America!

Ruggero Maria Santilli

[1] R. M. Santilli and D. D. Shillady, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 24, 943-956(1999).

[2] R. M. Santilli, Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry, with Applications to New Kluwer Academic Publishers (2001).

[3] R. M. Santilli, "The novel magnecular species of hydrogen and oxygen with increased specific weight and energy content," Intern. J. Hydrogen Energy {\bf 28}, 177-196 (2003),


August 9, 2013

Cox, Santilli, Petronium and all your gang, you are dirty Anti-Semitic people.
Jonathan Katz
,p> ==============================

August 9, 2013

Mister Katz!
you are exploiting the death of millions of good innocent Jews during WWII without feeling any shame, and dream I do not see it! You have problems.

Accusing of anti-Semitism your expected to be, but are not fellow Americans for their criticism of clear wrongdoings and scientific crimes perpetrated by Jews, is a confirmation you have been educated since childhood under your Torah to the effect that you are superior Nazi-type people, thus being above laws and criticisms, and that all other Americans are "gentile" meaning inferior in Hebrew, thus showing you are a sick person in great need of serious medical assistance.

I have stated various times that, as a Christian, I am against physical violence against everybody, thus including Jews as well as Palestinians; I have stated several times that the great majority of Jews is made up of nice law abiding people; and, finally, I have stated various ties that I share the view of over one billion people in our planet, including over one hundred million Americans, by harboring Just Anti-Semitism intended as non-violent fully justified criticism of misconducts by a minority of Jews, generally being Zionist.

Since Jews never saw throughout millennia the damage inflicting to them by their leaders, and I exclude they will see it now by their very biblical nature, I pray God will save Jews people from the fanatic abuses perpetrated by their leaders because us inferior gentiles are not as stupid as you dream..
,p> Luca Petronio


August 23, 2013

Mr. Katz!

In the event you can prove any of my statements as being wrong, i will change them and apologize, If not and you dub anti-Semitism fully justified criticisms of blatant Jewish misconducts while pretending to be an American Jew, I agree with Luca Petronio to the effect that you are a sick person in need of medical assistance.

Ruggero Maria Santilli




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