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August 30, 2013


Luca Petronio
The International Committee on
Scientific Ethics and Accountability (ICSEAA)
Email: luca(at)scientificethics(dot)org

As it is well known to serious historians, the conjecture of the expansion of the universe was imposed in the 1940s by the Jewish physicists of the Manhattan Project, such as the Jewish physicists Leo Szilard, Eugene Winger, Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, and the others. By abusing the credibility gained by the theory of the Jewish physicist Albert Einstein with the atomic bomb, the indicated Jewish physicists imposed the validity of Einstein theories throughout the universe. The American astrophysicist Edwin Hubble had discovered in 1929 that light reaching us from distant galaxies is shifted toward the red in a way proportional to the distance from hearth (z = Hd, where H is Hubble constant). The Jewish physicists of the Manhattan Project and the collective of their brothers around the world all acting in sintony - as they do - imposed the validity of Einstein theories throughout the universe by representing said redshift via the Doppler effect which is a pillar of special relativity (i.e. with the assumption z = Hd = v/c).

The same organized collective of Jewish physicists acting in full sintony - in their known style - abused for their personal gains - also in their style - their academic credibility to discredit any dissident view. This is the case for the organized discredit of the Swiss astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky's theory of the Tired Light, despite its fit of astrophysical data on the cosmological redshift by merely assuming that light loses energy to intergalactic media. This organized discredit continues to this day, as one can see in the Jewish controlled article on Fritz Zwicky in Wikipedia. This protracted opposition stems for the untold reason that Zwicky's Tired Light violates Einstein's special relativity (a political dubbing here, since SR was formulated by Lorentz, Poincare', Minkowski as well as Einstein). In fact, light is the central invariant of SR and, as such, any change of the characteristics of light violate SR.

Jointly with these organized scientific crimes, the same Jewish physicists perpetrated the biggest treason in the history of America, the passing of the secrets of the atomic bomb, certainly not to Russian communists as demented people may think for Jews to do, but to Jews in Russia, after which science in Russia went under Jewish control as it is the case still today. What is shameful for America is the dubbing by the U. S. Congress of Robert Oppenheimer as being a "communist" for the evident intent of avoiding the public identification of Oppenheimer as a Jew so as to protect and cover up Jewish criminal conduct in the case, and therefore killing democracy in America, since all other ethnic groups are identified without problems, except Jews. Also shameful is the fact that the Jewish physicists who actually perpetrated the treason were not prosecuted, and only their Jewish messengers were caught and executed. Equally shameful for America is that the complete and unadulterated FBI and criminal files of this historic Jewish treason of the Country hosting and protecting them have not yet been made available to fellow Americans due to evident Jewish opposition and control. As a consequence, still unknown day to fellow Americans is the fact that the Jewish physicists of the Manhattan Project also released the secrets of the atomic bomb - in their notorious style - to fellow Jews in England and France. The net result is the unmasking of the true pre-meditated motivation for their high treason, namely, the achievement of the world wide Jewish control of science

Despite the world wide abuse of scientific credibility by organized Jewish interests on Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Fritz Zwicky, the French Nobel Laureate Louis de Broglie, the Italian Nobel Laureate Enrico Fermi and other distinguished scientists - none of them Jewish, of course - died without accepting the hyperbolic conjecture of the expansion of the universe to protect their own dignity, because said conjecture implies a return to the Middle Ages with Earth at the Center of the Universe. In fact, Hubble's law establishes that the cosmological redshift of galaxies is proportional to the distance from Earth in all radial directions from Earth. This consequence of the conjecture of the expansion of the universe is well known to Jewish physicists since it is understandable to a high school student. Yet, the world wide collective of Jewish physicists - also in their style - did manage to impose and maintain to this day the far fetched conjecture of the expansion of the universe merely to serve their ethnic interests on the validity of Einstein theories throughout the universe without any sense of share or personal dignity. Pure ethnic greed by the organized collective of Jewish physicists and by therefore considering the rest of mankind as "gentiles" which means "inferior" according to the Jewish Torah.

Jointly with all the above unquestionable scientific schemes, by also acting in sintony, the collective of Jewish physicists have abused public funds for cosmological research over seventy years in the USA, Europe and Russian, not totaling to trillions of dollars. In fact, the lack of expansion of the universe requires the revision of the virtual totality of astrophysical data accumulated so far, thus rendering the related expenditures highly questionable. As an example, the Jewish physicist Shelly Glashow of Boston University and the Jewish physicist Samuel Thing of MIT obtained a few years ago two billion dollars via the support of Jewish brothers in the U. S. senate for the construction and launch of a probe intended to detect the additional extremely far fetched conjecture that galaxies are permeated by a mysterious substance they call "dark matter." To understand the gravity of the abuse of such a large public sum, the conjecture of dark matter was ventured to cover up a violation of Einstein's theories in the interior dynamics of galaxies; dark matter cannot be detected by its very Jewish supporters; dark matter does not represent the anomalous dynamics of galaxies as known by serious experts (see quotations below); in the event dark matter did exist, galaxies should contract according to Newton's gravitation in dramatic disagreement with evidence; and other inconsistencies published in refereed journals but discredited by organized Jewish interests to ,maintain the validity of Einstein theories via the abuse of credibility and public funds.

The Italian-American scientist R. M. Santilli (Curriculum) has dedicated some thirty years of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research - initiated in the 1980s when he was at Harvard University under DOE support - to honor and defend the memory and view of Hubble, Zwicky, de Broglie, Fermi and other famous scientists, by first developing a new mathematics and physics for the representation of light propagating within physical media, and then proving experimentally that the redness of the Sun at Sunset and Sunrise is an anomalous redshift because it occurs without any appreciable relative motion between Earth and Sun, a new natural event Santilli called IsoRedShift (IRS) for certain technical reasons. Santilli then showed that his IRS confirms Zwicky's Tired Light although according to a new atomic mechanism (rather than the scattering proposed by Zwicky), and established that the redness of the Sun at the horizon is visual evidence that the universe is not expanding. Santilli's mathematical, theoretical and, above all, experimental discoveries on the lack of expansion of the universe are supported by hundred of phenomenological studies all leading to the same conclusion (see the figures and references below).

Representative documents from the comprehensive experimental verification of Santilli's IsoRedShift by an independent team of scientists with measurements in the USA and Europe Confirmation of Santilli's IsoRedShift. The left view presents Santilli's diagram illustrating the inconsistency of the expansion of the universe because galaxies G1 and G2 have double distance from Earth and, therefore, must have double speeds with respect to Earth E, thus having a relative speed, while the same galaxies G1 and G2 have the same distance from another galaxy G, thus having no relative speed. This establishes a catastrophic contradiction of the expansion of the universe that persists under the ultra hyperbolic conjecture that space itself is expanding - also ventured to maintain Einstein doctrines -, since the radial acceleration in all directions from Earth would persists under the expansion of space itself, thus maintaining Earth at the center of the universe. The middle scan depicts one of a large number of scans establishing that Sunlight experiences a redshift of about 100 nanometers in the transition from the zenith to the horizon which is totally similar to the cosmological redshift yet it occurs without any relative motion between the source and the observer. The last picture illustrates Santilli's view that the redness of the Sun at the horizon is visual evidence on the lack of expansion of the universe because it occurs without any relative motion between Earth and Sun, and it is merely caused by light loosing energy to the medium,. an effect today called the Zwicky-Santilli effect.

Due to the need to defend the dignity of American science, in July, 2013, Santilli contacted the rather popular U. S. radio show Cost to Coast with a very respectful email we received from friends and reproduce below. As one can see, santilli proposed a scholar interview by Coast to Coast on the obscurantism currently afflicting cosmology, since cosmological issues are of primary interest to Coast to Coast listeners. The news of this possible interview propagated instantly through the serious world wide physics community.

The show director Lisa Lyon commented by phone to intermediaries via all sort of lies, such as the lie that the lack of expansion of the universe is of no interest to Coast to Coast listeners, which is notoriously false, or the lie that Santilli interview would be too academic and technical for understanding by a broad audience, which is also false because Santilli is an excellent speaker as one can see from the World Lecture Series, and, in any case, the understanding by a wide audience is the skill and responsibility of the interviewer; and so on.

Simply astonishing is the fact that Lisa Lyon went to the offensive and self-disqualifying extreme of not even acknowledged, let a,one answer Santilli's respectful email. Equally astonishing is the fact that George Noory and George Knapp at Coast to Coast, who had a good reputation prior to this case, also went into the extreme of offending via ignorance the most important living scientists and actually one of the most important in scientific history (as acknowledged by the Estonia Academy of Sciences and others academies and prizes), since Santilli is one of the few scientists in recent history who has achieved basic discoveries in mathematics, physics and chemistry, see the general review Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Discoveries of Ruggero Maria Santilli. By comparison, being just a Jewish clerk at the Swiss patent office, Einstein was illiterate in mathematics, since he used the professional physics knowledge of his first Swiss wife to write his 1905 paper in SR, and used the professional mathematical knowledge of his second wife in Princeton, both marriages ending up in divorce because of Einstein's dishonest refusal to add the name of his two wives as co-author of in his 105 and 1015 papers, respectfully.

It should be indicated that Santilli proposed to Coast to Coast a very scholar interview in which the word "Jews" is nowhere mentioned as one can verify. Santilli's incredible vexations he had to suffer all by Jews because of his research beyond Einstein, as documented in Ethical Probe of Einstein Followers in the USA, 1984 and in the Update of the Ethical Problem on Einstein Followers, 2007, plus life threats he has received also by Jews, combined with the Jewish obstructions against the conduction of the interview, have rendered mandatory this open denunciations of organized Jewish scientific crimes for our own dignity, let alone to prevent being servant of schemes, dishonesty and misconducts.

The news that Coast to Coast refused Santilli;'s interview on the experimental evidence on the lack of expansion of the universe propagated instantly to irate scientists all over the world. Our ICSEAA was requested to investigate the case, and so we did by hiring an Investigative Agency specialized in academic and scientific scams. The Agency's report states:

An investigation with surveillance of the operation at Coast to Coast has established that that radio show is under control by Jewish interests via Lisa Lyons Jewish ancestors, via the control of primary funding and other extortion that are under investigation and documentation. Assuming that our claims are false, organized Jewish interests on Einstein are the unquestionable beneficiary of the suppression of scientific truth in cosmology.

No wonder that Santilli has stated in the recent post Denunciation of Jewish scientific corruption in the U. S., chemistry that America is doomed.

Luca Petronio

NOTE: This post is released under the doctrine adopted by over one billion people including over one hundred millions of Americans, which is called "justified anti-Semitism" and is widely defined as "non-violent justified criticism of the misconduct of a Jewish minority," with the clarification that all members of the ICSEAA are Christians, thus being against any violence against anybody, including Jews.


--- Original Message --------
Subject: Proposed interview on scientific obscurantism in cosmology
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 12:23:11 -0400
From: IBR

Dear George Noory, George Knapp and Lisa Lyon,

Following a preceding contact, I confirm my interest in being interviewed by Coast to Coast on the truly incredible - because not denounced - obscurantism going on in cosmology, with consequential misuse of billions of dollars of taxpayers money and a rather severe damage to the advancement of our knowledge and technologies.

I am interested in the interview because I believe that cosmology is, by far, the biggest interests of American people at large due to NASA missions, the millions of UFO sightings, the Star Trek series, etc.

Out of a rather vast technical literature in the field, I suggest for your consideration the recent interview I had from a French Agency which is available from the link Santilli's French interview on the ongoing obscurantism, in cosmology

Needless to say, this long interview is not intended to be conducted by Coast to Coast because unless you may allocate at least 3 hours. Instead, the interview is intended to:

(1) provide the interviewer the necessary comprehensive knowledge of the various aspects;

(2) serve as a basis from which Coast to Coast can extract the desired questions; and very important

(3) be quoted during the interview so that interested listeners can have a comprehensiveness information.

For additional material you may inspect the following: My curriculum Curriculum

News Release by the KCSA Agency 06-10-13

Scientific News Release by the RMS Foundation of june 2013 with list of original publications in refereed journal available in free pdf download.

Scientific The Wall Street Journal

List of 512 news releases

Thank you for your consideration

Best Regards

Ruggero Maria Santilli

Mobile zzz sss wwww
My whereabout: I will be in CA from August 12 to 18, then back to Florida, the month of September I will be in Europe for lectures and interviews and back to Florida from October on.

Hello George (Knapp)

You may perhaps remember that we met here in Florida through our common friends, the Browns. Perhaps you remember that we discussed the isogeometric propulsion priding a quantitative, computerizable representation of the anomalous trajectories of UFO essentially via a certain change of the local geometry. I subsequently worked out the details of this new propulsion that was published by the German house Springer in the post Ph. D. monograph

Isodual Theory of Antimatter with Application to Antigravity, Grand Unification and the Spacetime Machine, R.M.Santilli, Springer 2001

We also discussed my proposal to try to achieve serious measurements in UFO landing you can get from the link Measurements of time anomalies in UFO landing sites

Its idea is that no anomalies can occur in space trajectories without a corresponding anomaly in time. Therefore, the proposal was to place chronometers inside and outside the landing area. In the event of any difference in time of the two chronometers following exposure of one of them to the landing area, that would provide incontrovertible evidence that the UFO are extraterrestrial since only they can travel in time.

I tried to promote these measurements of landing sites - immediately following the landing - with our Mufon Group here but there was no interest nowhere and therefore I gave up.

However, what a pity! Because we are dealing with real measurements as a serious scientific approach to the UFO requires, and the outcome, whether positive or negative would be huge.





On Saturday, August 24,, 2013, I rushed to George Noory, George Knapp and Lisa Lyon at the above identified emails an unedited and unlisted draft of this post in the eventuality of corrective stands by Coast to Coast, in which case the post would have been deleted. In response, George Noory, George Knapp and Lisa Lyon, they all activated their software for the automatic rejection of my message. Consequently, this blog was completed, edited and posted in the internet.

Luca Petronio
The International Committee on
Scientific Ethics and Accountability (ICSEAA)
Email: luca(at)scientificethics(dot)org


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