September 30, 2012

As well established and documented, whenever Einstein's theories are seriously challenged, Jewish physicists organize themselves, send to the Nobel Foundation recommendations from all major universities around the world, and secure a Nobel Prize in Physics, of course, to a Jew in the challenged field, so as to maintain scientific power via the exploitation of the Nobel Foundation, science and mankind (see the post). In an attempt to alert the Scandinavia Royal Houses, as well as the Nobel Foundation of this ongoing scheme, a foreign (non-U.S.) physicist elected to nominate Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli for the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics for his historical discovery of the Iso-Red-Shift of the Sun at Sunset via the open nomination reproduced below with the addition of a denunciation of the orchestrated 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics to the Jewish physicist Saul Perlmutter et al. for the hyperbolic acceleration of the expansion of the universe (with far away galaxies now claimed to travel faster than the speed of light!!!, a return to the Middle Ages with Earth necessarily at the center of the universe from Hubble's law!!! etc.), which prize was granted one year following Prof. Santilli's widely propagated 2010 experimental dismissal of the expansion itself, let alone of the acceleration of the expansion, by the IsoRedShift of the Sun at Sunset without any relative motion, and the mere loss of energy by light to a gas (whether Earth's atmosphere for the redshift of the Sun at Sunset or an intergalactic gas for the cosmological redshift of galaxies). The unprecedented dimension of the scientific misconduct and lack of scientific accountability by both the Jewish physics community and the Nobel Foundation then mandated the clear identification of the Jewish origination of the scheme.Comments are welcome and will be uploaded following written authorization and a Wikipedia-style editing.

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For the discovery of the IsoRedShift, IsoBlueShift and NoIsoShift of light propagating within physical media without any relative motion between the source, the medium and the observer.

I hereby respectfully nominate for the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics the Italian-American scientist Professor Ruggero Maria Santilli ( because, after fifty years of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research (see the general independent review [1] and Prof. Santilli Opera Magna [2]), he has achieved the following historical discovery (see the original refereed experimental publications [3,4], the independent experimental confirmation [5], the TV Documentary [6], and the Summary Announcement [7])

IsoRedShift (IRS), consisting of the loss of energy E = hν by light to a cold medium with consequential decrease of the frequency ν without any relative motion between the source, the medium and the observer;

IsoBlueShift, (IBS), consisting of the acquisition of energy E = hν by light from a hot medium with consequential increase of the frequency ν without any relative motion between the source, the medium and the observer;

NoIsoShift (NIS), occurring at intermediate medium temperatures for which the lost energy by light to the medium is equal to the acquired energy, resulting in no frequency shift.

This nomination is then based on the dramatic implications of the discovery, such as:

Mathematical implications: The discoveries confirm the fundamental need for 21st century advances over 20th century Einsteinian theories of Santilli novel isomathematics, which is a structural generalization of conventional applied mathematics based on an arbitrary non-singular quantity as the left and right unit at all levels [1,2].

Scientific implications: Among a number of major implications, the discoveries require a revision of 20th century cosmology because the experimentally confirmed [3-5] IRS origin of the redness of the Sun at Sunset (which evidently occurs without any relative motion between Earth and Sun) is visual evidence of the lack of expansion of the universe, the lack of the acceleration of the expansion and the dismissal of the other far fetched cosmological conjectures (see papers [3,4], Documentary [6] and Announcement [7]).

Industrial implications: The discoveries signal the birth of a new industry capable of controlling all characteristics of light in the same way as we currently control all characteristics of sound, with the understanding that said control is strictly prohibited by 20th century Einsteinian theories, but admitted by Santilli covering theories for the appropriate physical conditions.

Following fifty years of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research [1-5], Santilli has established that the redshift of the Sun in the transition from Zenith to Sunset is due to loss of energy by light to the atmosphere, thus being visual evidence of the lack of expansion of the universe (because the redshift occurs without any relative motion between Earth and Sun). The same redshift is also visual evidence of the absence of the acceleration of the expansion (because. as illustrated by this picture, the redshift visibly increases with the decrease of the elevation, that is, with the increase of the travel by light in air in full numerical agreement with Hubble's law). Consequently, the same redshift is visual evidence on the absence of the big bang and the absence of the expansion of space itself. Finally, Santilli has established that the same redshift is visual evidence of the absence of dark matter and dark energy.

IMPORTANT REQUEST: As a condition for a credible consideration of this nomination, I hereby request that the Nobel Committee for Physics DOES NOT consult for this nomination any Jewish Nobel Laureates, such as S. Weinberg, S. Glashow, L. Lederman, S. Permutter, other Jewish physicists and their academic servants, due to well known and documented conflict of interest.

In fact, these Jewish physicists have dedicated their lives to the application of the theories of their Jewish leader, Albert Einstein, under conditions (technically known as Interior Dynamical Problems) they were never intended for by Einstein, they were never experimentally verified, they have catastrophic mathematical and physical inconsistencies suppressed via academic power granted by the Nobel Foundation, and they are now experimentally dismissed by Santilli structural surpassing of Einstein's theories at the mathematical, theoretical and experimental levels.

As a concrete illustration, following a world wide support by Jewish colleagues, notoriously without the identification by the Nobel Foundation of said ethnic organization, the Jewish physicist Saul Perlmutter (and others) received the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics on the official grounds "for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae" (see the Official Announcement).

Santilli's fifty years of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research have established the lack of the expansion of the universe, as well as the lack of the acceleration of the expansion (see the figure). Under these premises, any consultation by the Nobel Committee in Physics of Saul Perlmutter on Santilli experimental discoveries dismissing the very motivation of his 2011 Nobel Prize, would be clear scientific corruption in subservience of organized, asocial an ascientific interests on Einstein against human dignity, let alone against mankind.

It is necessary to clarify additionally that Perlmutter and the other recipients of the 2011 Nobel prize in physics merely confirmed Hubble's law that the cosmological redshift is proportional to the distance of galaxies from Earth with absolutely no novelty worth mentioning, let alone granting a prize of that magnitude, thus confirming the politic al character of the prize itself.

Perlmutter and the others then TACITLY ASSUMED in their publications the validity of Einstein theories throughout the universe, they TACITLY ASSUMED the validity of the Doppler law in intergalactic media, and only after these UNVERIFIED ASSUMPTIONS, they derived the FAR FETCHED CONJECTURE that the expansion is accelerating. Therefore, the 2011 Nobel prize in physics was granted for a PURE CONJECTURE WITHOUT ANY REAL NOVELTY and without any indication whatsoever on where is the immense energy needed to accelerate billions of galaxies is coming from. Hence, THE NOBEL FOUNDATION GRANTED THE 2011 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS ON THE COMPLETE ABSENCE OF ANY SERIOUS NOVELTY, AND FOR A FAR FETCHED CONJECTURE WITHOUT ANY PLAUSIBLE OCCURRENCE IN NATURE.

Additionally, Perlmutter and the other recipients of the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics intentionally did not disclose that the fundamental fact that, again from Hubble's law, the increase of the cosmological redshift with the distance from Earth is the same in all directions in space. Consequently, THE 2011 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS DIRECTLY IMPLIES THE UNDISCLOSED DECEPTION OF THE RETURN OF 21ST CENTURY SCIENCE TO THE MIDDLE AGES WITH EARTH AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Moreover, in the interest of mankind, the Nobel Foundation should be informed of what is internationally known and denounced, namely, that the ring of Jewish physicists who supported this kind of 2011 Nobel prize was fully aware of Santilli 2010 experimental disproof of the acceleration of the expansion since Santilli experimental paper [3] of 2010 (one year before the 2011 Nobel prize) had been widely circulated in the physics community. Hence, THE NOBEL FOUNDATION GRANTED THE 2011 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS TO ORGANIZED JEWISH INTERESTS BECAUSE THE VALIDITY OF EINSTEIN THEORIES IN INTERGALACTIC GASES HAD ALREADY BEEN DISPROVED EXPERIMENTALLY BY SANTILLI, NAMELY, THE PRIZE WAS GRANTED TO ALLOW JEWISH INTERESTS MAINTAIN CONTROL OF SCIENCE.

The Nobel Committee should additionally be aware that the above orchestrated control of the Nobel Foundation by the world highest Jewish interests has been systematic in the recent past since it has already occurred a number of times in which, as soon as serious evidence emerges for deviations from Einstein theories, the control of science is maintained by Jewish interests via the authority granted by orchestrate Nobel prizes in the violated theories.

In fact, as documented in future nominations, the Nobel. Prizes - on QUARK CONJECTURES were granted to Jewish physicists - of course - precisely following solid evidence that quarks cannot exist as physical particles. Similarly, the Nobel Prizes to Jewish physicists - of course - on the PLETHORA OF NEUTRINO CONJECTURES were granted following equally serious evidence on the lack of existence of this zoo of hypothetical particles. But quark conjectures and neutrinos concoctions are needed for organized Jewish interest to maintain Einstein theories in particles physics. Hence, THE NOBEL FOUNDATION GRANTED VARIOUS NOBEL PRIZE TO JEWISH PHYSICISTS FOR DIRECTLY UNVERIFIABLE QUARK AND NEUTRINO CONJECTURES - DE FACT -TO ALLOW THE JEWISH COMMUNITY TO MAINTAIN CONTROL OF PARTICLE PHYSICS (see Santilli's Lectures [11]).

The gravity of the above occurrences at the Nobel prize for Physics, and the ensuing immense damage to mankind, illustrate the necessity for this nomination to be public as well as to be released in the website of the International Committee for Scientific Ethics and Accountability (

Among a vast literature by a variety of important authors denouncing organized academic, financial and Jewish inttests on Einstein's theories, I merely quote: Santilli 1984 denunciations [8] written after he left Harvard University because of strenuous opposition there by Harvard's Jewish physicists S. Weinberg, S. Glashow, S. Coleman and others against Santilli research herein nominated; Santilli's upgrade of the collapse of ethics in physics from 1985 to 2011 [9]; R. Cox's denunciation of scientific gangsterism by the Jewish physicist S. Weinberg [10]; Santilli webnars [11]; and references quoted therein.



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Experimental Dismissal of the Universe Expansion

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[11] R. M. Santilli, Lectures I D and I E, Level 1 of the World Lecture Series discoveries.html

The name of the author is solely
disclosed to the Nobel Committee
to avoid known harassment by the
Jewish physics Community to
disrupt undesired scientific advances
over nowadays old Einstein's theories.


Message posted in the comments on 'article" on Prof. R. M. Santilli at Wikipedia under the editorship of the Jewish mathematician Arthur Rubin following his claim of Prof. Santilli being "anti-Semitic" in the article itself, October 2, 2012.


Professor Ruggero Maria Santilli is not anti-semitic, he is however anti-corruption. No matter how it seems to be clarified, people will continue to try and stick the anti-semitic label on R.M. Santilli. An example of this scientific corruption is how Santilli's scientific achievements have been sullied with antisemitic charges on wikipedia done by a Jewish mathematician Arthur Rubin and his associates. For what? For simply pointing out conflicts of interest from a particular sect? For disproving theories that maintain walls around rich discoveries? Obviously, R.M. Santilli does not have a problem with other Jewish people. Where has he attacked a Jewish person that is outside of this maintaining power structure?

If a person were to say that there is no mafia in Italy, then that person should be considered either incompetent or a crook himself. The same applies to corrupt people who align themselves with the Jewish people. There are millions of good Jewish people who are victims of a sect that sully their name. This small sect of Jewish people in the scientific arena oppose any progress past Einstein's theories - there are bad apples in every bunch. This sect does not represent Jewish people as a whole nor the religion itself. Professor Santilli only has problems with said small group of academics who have been corrupted by the power that they have obtained. They abuse this power by maintaining a gridlock in scientific developments. Why they are maintaining this gridlock has many possible answers. This monopoly on science is unacceptable and should raise a red flag that something is not right in this arena. This point should be made aware to all who read this webpage.


Statement on October 2, 2012, by the Jewish mathematician Arthur Rubin the in comments on Prof. Santilli's "article" at Wikipedia under his editorship:

"I might be accused of bias, but reliable sources say he's anti-Semetic, regardless of any potential accuracy in his claims." Ń Arthur Rubin (talk) 14:12, 2 October 2012 (UTC)


Mr. Arthur Rubin,

Thank you for your open admission to bias, however, since you are Jewish it is my duty to let you know that your claim that Prof. Santilli is anti-semitic is very damaging to the Jewish scientific community for various reasons.

Your claim is unsubstantiated, and therefore it would support the view that characterizing individuals as antisemitic when they are not is used as a means to oppose scientific research that advances EinsteinÕs theories.

Prof. Santilli is the only scientist that I am aware of that truly honors Albert EinsteinÕs work while essentially a number of Jewish physicists abuse his name. In fact, Prof. Santilli has developed an entirely new iso-mathematics to maintain EinsteinÕs axioms of SR and introduce broader realizations permitting a dramatic extension of the applicability of EinsteinÕs original conception.

Calling a scientist antisemitic who performed such a service in favor of the Jewish community as well as of science is highly questionable.

Prof. Santilli and his family are on the record in Italy as having saved the lives of a number of people who were attempting to escape from Nazi persecutions. In fact, Prof. SantilliÕs father, Dr. Ermanno Santilli M.D. built a hideout in the interior of a huge log lumber stack on the Abruzzi Apennines, the roughest Mountain terrains in Italy, which enabled a number of people to escape the NaziÕs - including a number of Jews. Amongst those was a Mr. Bologna who later became a famous banker. At the time, Prof. Santilli was the young boy that was delivering food to this lumber stack hideout amidst the German military waging warfare in the region. Prof. Santilli was wounded by shrapnel from explosions in this war and carries these scars to this day. Calling antisemitic a person who risked his life to help Jews escape the NaziÕs has stimulated the notion of just anti-semitism which you can see on the internet by referring to non-violent criticism of Jewish misconduct.

When Prof. Santilli joined Harvard University in 1978, he received an invitation for a research grant from the Dept of Energy (DOE) - ERDA at the time. Local leading Jewish physicists, Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow, and Sydney Coleman acted in an ill-advised manner by preventing Prof. Santilli from receiving his own salaries from his own grant for an entire year while struggling to raise a family with two young children and scraping by with unemployment benefits which only lasted half a year.

All of this is documented at scientificethics(dot)org/IlGrandeGrido.htm

This opposition stems from Prof. SantilliÕs grant which was intended to develop the lie-admissible broadening of LiesÕ theory with a consequential broadening of EinsteinÕs theory of Special Relativity into an irreversible formulation.

Following this vexation at Harvard, Prof. Santilli has been the victim of historically unprecedented discrimination in nearly every avenue of his scientific activities. Nearly all documented disruptions have been perpetrated by Jewish physicists. This is documented at his website scientificethics(dot)org/Santilli-ethical-decay.html

Claiming that Prof. Santilli is antisemitic after his suffering of all these vexations from Jewish physicists and their associates is truly an anti-semitic act by so Jews.

It is now time for you to reveal your so called Ņreliable sourcesÓ Mr. Arthur Rubin.

To avoid damaging the reputation of the Jewish physics community further, you must identify specifically what type of anti-semitic act was perpetrated by Prof. Santilli. To my knowledge, and correct me if I am wrong, according to all documentation that I have seen, Prof. Santilli has only criticized the individual Jewish physicists who are responsible for ethical misconduct in their abuse of academic power to oppose and disrupt undesired advances in science.

The reality is that Prof. Santilli is dubbed anti-semitic because he is the leading scientist in advancing EinsteinÕs theories at the mathematical, theoretical, and experimental levels.

I have asked the International Committee of Scientific Ethics to take note of this public exchange.

NOTE: The above post was removed by the Jewish mathematician Artur Rubin immediately following its uploading in the comments of Prof. Santilli's "article" at Wikipedia by ignoring the request of providing concrete examples of Prof. Santilli's anti-Semitism, Besides the criticism of blatant misconduct by fully identified Jewish physicists. This confirms that, following the acquisition of control of science via their studiously undisclosed mutual support, Jewish physicists suppress undesired advanced over Einstein theories and exploit mankind for their asocial aims, thus mandating the identification of the Jewish character of theirs schemes for the very survival of a civilized and democratic society.

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