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WHEREAS, the parameter deformations (a, b) = λab - μba of a Lie product [a, b] = ab - ba, with λ and μ parameters, was first introduced by the Italian-American physicist Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli ( Curriculum) in paper [1] of 1967 (sic) published by the Italian Physical Society. This paper is the first in physics on the subject and followed only two papers by mathematicians (one by A. A. Albert and the other by M. Tomber) located by Prof. Santilli following extensive search and quoted in [1], which paper also identified the joint Lie-admissible and Jordan-admissible character of the new product (a, b).

WHEREAS, in the subsequent papers [2] of 1968, 1969, Prof. Santilli introduced the dissipative generalization of Hamilton equations dr/dt = λ∂H/∂p, dp/dt = - μ∂H/∂r, and the corresponding dissipative generalization of Heisenberg equations for an observable A in its infinitesimal form idA/dt = (A. H) = λAH - μHA, and finite form A(t) = exp(iHμt)A(0)exp(-itλH). and submitted these dynamical equations for one of the first known operator formulation of dissipative systems admitting an algebra in the brackets of the time evolution (dissipative since i dH/dt = (H, H) ≠ 0). The first comprehensive review of deformations of Lie algebras, all having a joint Lie-admissible and Jordan-admissible character, was published by the Italian Physical Society in paper [2b[. The third paper on record in the physics literature on deformation of Lie algebras has been paper [3] following a talk delivered by Prof. Santilli at a meeting held at Indiana University in Bloomington, and published in the proceedings.

WHEREAS, when at Harvard University under DOE support, Prof. Santilli introduced for the first time in papers [4,5] of 1978 (see Volumes [32-36] for a comprehensive review):

I) The first known operator isotopic (axiom preserving) deformations of Lie algebras with product [a,b]* = atb - bta, today called Santilli Lie-isotopic product [39-44], and the operator genotopic (axiom inducing) deformations with product (a,b)* = arb - bsa, where t, r, s are elements (matrices, operators, etc.) generally outside the original Lie algebra;

II) The first known isotopic lifting of the various branches of Lie theory (enveloping algebras, Lie algebras, Lie groups, Lie symmetries, etc.) for the treatment of nonlinear, nonlocal-integral and non Hamiltonian systems, today known as the Lie-Santilli isotheory [39-44] characterized by universal enveloping isoassociative algebras with isoproduct axb = atb;

III) A second step-by step genotopic lifting of his Lie- isotopic theory, today known as Santilli Lie-admissible theory [39-44] characterized by two enveloping isoassociative algebras, one with product aRb = asb ordered to the right and the other with product aLb = arb with product ordered to the left;

IV) A first steps by step liftings of quantum mechanics under the name of hadronic mechanics characterized by the Lie-Santilli isotheory with time evolution for an observable in finite form idA/dt = [A, H]* = AxH - HxA = ATH - HTA and in finite form A(t) = U(t)A(0)U(t)+ = exp(iHTt)A(0)exp(-itTH), used for the first known representation of closed-isolated systems of extended, nonspherical and deformable particles under conventional hamiltonian and contact nonhamiltonian interactions verifying all the usual total conservation laws, as occurring for systems of extended particles in conditions of total or partial mutual penetration (structure of hadrons, nuclei and stars); and

V) A second step-by-step lifting of his isotopic mechanics characterized by Santilli Lie-admissible theory with dynamical equations in infinitesimal form idA/dt = (A, H)* = ARH - HSA and in finite form A(t) = U(t)A(0)U(t)+ = exp(iHSt)A(0)exp(-itRH), for the characterization of irreversible systems (such as all energy releasing processes) that are notoriously beyond any representational capability of special relativity and quantum mechanics, the latter being strictly reversible in time [32].

WHEREAS, following the unquestionable origination of the parameter and operator deformations [1-5], Prof. Santilli and his associates identified serious inconsistencies when said deformations are formulated with the conventional mathematics of quantum mechanics (conventional fields, conventional metric spaces, conventional Hilbert spaces, etc.), published in various refereed journals of high reputation [45-52], and today known as Theorems of Catastrophic Mathematical and Physical Inconsistencies of Noncanonical and Nonunitary Theories (see monograph [32] for a review).

WHEREAS, the mathematical inconsistencies are activated under the time evolution of attempted physical models (or equivalent mathematical automorphism) because the necessarily nonunitary character of the deformation UU+ ≠ I causes the lack of invariance of the basic unity of the background field, I => I' = U I U+ ≠ = I and the loss of the conventional associative product of numbers, nm => UnmU+ = (UnU+)(UU+)-1(UmU+) = n'Tm', n' = UnU+, m' =UmU+, T = (UU+)-1, with the evident loss of the base field itself, the loss of the conventional product of the enveloping associative algebra and the consequential catastrophic collapse of the entire mathematical treatment.

WHEREAS, the physical inconsistencies are activated by the time evolution of attempted physical models causing: the lack of invariance over time of the basic units of measurements with consequential lack of prediction of the same numerical values under the same conditions at different times, and the catastrophic inapplicability of the theory to experiments; the loss of Hermiticity (Lopez lemma [46,47]) H = H+ => UHU+ = H' ≠ H'+ (due to the lack of general commutativity of H and T) with consequential loss of observables; the violation of causality; and other catastrophic inconsistencies (see also for a general review volume [32]).

WHEREAS, following studies initiated at the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University under DOE support, Prof. Santilli has resolved the above mathematical and physical inconsistencies via (see again Volumes [32-36] for comprehensive studies and volumes [39-44] for independent rfeviews):

A) The discovery in paper [6] of 1993 of new realizations of the conventional axioms of a field characterized by arbitrary (nonsingular) units and compatible products, yielding new numbers today known as Santilli iso-, geno- and hyper-numbers for matter and their isodual for antimatter [44];

B) The discovery in memoir [7] published by the Rendiconti Circolo matematico Palermo (in an issue entirely dedicated to Santilli isotopies) of corresponding new formulations of functional analysis, differential calculus and various geometries, today known as Santilli iso-, geno-, hyper and isodual mathematics [39-44]; and

C) The resolution of the physical inconsistencies at the classical and operator levels, for matter and antimatter and for reversible or irreversible non-Hamiltonian systems in memoir [8] published by the Italian Physical Society presenting the first achievement in scientific records for said non-Hamiltonian systems of invariance over time exactly equivalent to that of quantum mechanics, invariance reached via the formulation of hadronic mechanics over Santilli iso-, geno-, hyper- or isodual spaces over corresponding iso-, geno-,. hyper- or isodual numbers, and related new mathematics.

WHEREAS, the above discoveries have permitted major advances in all quantitative sciences (see the five volume [32-36] for a comprehensive review, particularly the 90 pages long General Bibliography of Volume [32], as well as independent monographs [39-44] and related vast literature), such as:

IN MATHEMATICS, we have new numbers theories [44]; new cryptograms [34]; new functional analyses; new differential calculi; new Lie's theories; new geometries (such as new genotopic formulations of Riemannian and other geometries [7] allowing an "invariant" representation of the irreversibility of nature directly via their genometrics, while conventional geometries are in dramatic disagreement with nature due to the symmetric character of their metric and consequential reversibility over time [32]); proof of previously unproved conjectures as well as the disproof of other conjectures popularly believed to be correct that have resulted to be erroneous due to the excessive simplicity of the mathematics of the 20-th century; and other advances;

IN PHYSICS, we have the reconstruction of exact spacetime and internal symmetries [9-11] when popularly believed to be broken due to insufficient mathematics; the achievement of the universal "invariance" (rather than covariance) of all possible Riemannian, Finslerian and other line elements [9-11]; the first exact and invariant representation of the synthesis of the neutron from protons and electrons as occurring in stars (for which quantum mechanics fails catastrophically since the mass of the neutron is bigger than the sum of the masses of the proton and the electron, thus resulting in a "mass excess" rather than the "mass defect" needed for the consistency of Schroedinger equations) [12-15]; and other advances that cannot be even conceived, let alone achieved, via Einsteinian doctrines and quantum mechanics due to the excessive simplicity of their structure and of their underlying mathematics when compared to the complexity of nature;

IN CHEMISTRY, we now have the first known exact representation of molecular binding energies from first axiomatic principles without fits of data via an arbitrary "screenings" of the Coulomb law that prevent any "quantum" of energy, but are politically claimed to characterize "quantum chemistry" [28]; the first credible representation in the history of chemistry of irreversible chemical reactions such as H2 + O => H2O + 57 Kcal/mole, thanks to Santilli Lie-admissible formulations [4,7], since quantum chemistry predicts exactly the same probability for the direct and the inverse reaction, the "spontaneous" decay of the water molecule H2O => H2 + O, in catastrophic disagreement with nature, the latter prediction being due to the time reversal invariant of the basic axioms of quantum mechanics and chemistry (the probability amplitude being independent from time, as known by first year graduate students, thus being valid for both the direct and inversed reaction); and other basic advances simply inconceivable with the quantum chemistry of the past century;

IN BIOLOGY, we now have the first representation of living organisms as being irreversible and deformable, while for Einsteinian and quantum doctrines all living organisms are eternal (from the reversibility of said doctrines) and perfectly rigid (from the notorious incompatibility of said doctrines with the deformation theory); a first credible attempt of interpreting the DNA code via Santilli hypernumbers in which the product of two hypernumbers yields an ordered set of an arbitrary number of results, as needed to represent the creation of entire organs with a very large number of atoms from the association of only two atoms in a DNA: and other expected advances beyond our imagination at this time;

IN ASTROPHYSICS, we have the capability to ascertain, for the first time in the history of science, whether a far away star, quasar or galaxy is made up of matter or of antimatter [29]; the elimination of the need for dark matter and dark energy (the latter being a consequence of the political assumption of Newtonian and Einsteinian laws under conditions immensely beyond those of their original conception); a numerical representation of the expansion of the universe, the only one capable of jointly representing the increase of said expansion; a new cosmology without extreme singularities at creation as occurring in the big bang conjecture; and other basic advances.[32-36].

WHEREAS, the above large scientific edifice (to which Prof. Santilli dedicated 52 years of research since his first publication dates back to 1956 when he was a high school student in Italy) was specifically conceived, constructed and developed for a crucial need of our society, the prediction and quantitative treatment of "new" clean energies and fuels since all energies and fuels that could be conceived via Einsteinian and quantum doctrines had been fully identified by the middle of the past century and they all turned out to be environmentally unacceptable, thus mandating the search for suitable broadening of Einsteinian and quantum doctrines;

WHEREAS, as a result of his lifelong research, Prof. Santilli did indeed achieve the conception, quantitative treatment as well as industrial realization of new clean energies and fuels, such as the novel hadronic energies, the novel controlled intermediate nuclear fusions, the novel cleaner and cost competitive fuels with Santilli magnecular structure, the only ones known to have full combustion, which new energies and fuels have seen to date large industrial investments in the USA, Europe and the Far East, with additional bigger investments under way, owing to the world wide disruptions caused by the ever increasing petroleum costs.

WHEREAS, as a result of the above unprecedented and historical achievements, Prof. Santilli has received several honors, including: the listing of his name by the Estonia Academy of Sciences among the most illustrious applied mathematicians of all times jointly ith Weyl, Hamilton, Lie, etc.; various lecture halls in his name; various gold medals for scientific merit; an increasing number of recommendations for the Nobel prize in physics as well as in chemistry; and other honors (see Curriculum and Santilli-Galilei Association, London UK). Additionally, the industrial applications of his discoveries, particularly the industrial development of new clean energies and fuels have made Prof. Santilli a very rich man.


WHEREAS, the so-called "q-deformations" of Lie algebras with product (a, b) = ab - qba are a trivial and elementary subcase of Prof. Santilli's most general possible class of deformations of Lie algebras published in copyrighted papers [1,4,5].

WHEREAS, publication [53] of 1989 on q-deformations by the late Mister Larry Biedenharn has been internationally denounced as being fraudulent because not quoting Prof. Santilli's origination [1] that was documentedly known to Mister Biedenharn since he applied with Prof. Santilli for a DOE grant in the field prior to paper [53].

WHEREAS, following fraudulent paper [53] the JMP under the unfortunate editorship of Mister Roger Newton published a large series of papers on q-deformations without any quotation of Prof. Santilli's origination [1].

WHEREAS, Mister Newton was fully aware of Prof. Santilli's origination of the q-deformation since the latter deliver a peach at a 1968 conference in Bloomington, Indiana, published under the co-editorship of Mister Newton [3].

WHEREAS, Prof. Santilli, as well as other scientists from various countries, respectfully contacted Mister Newton by providing him evidence of origination [1] of the q-deformation, requesting the quotation of said Ref. [1], jointly with any other desired reference although in the proper chronological order as requested by scientific ethics and the Laws of our Land.

WHEREAS, Mister Newton stubbornly, intentionally, and studiously abstained from having Prof. Santilli's origination [1] quoted in ANY paper on q-deformation published by the JMP under his unethical editorship, as it can be verified very easily in the JMP records of back issues, to the extreme of documented cases in which ethical sound authors were requested to remove Prof. Santilli's name in the reference list, thus causing the dubbing of Prof. Santilli as the most plagiarized physicist of the 20-th century, a behavior particularly unethical since Prof. Santilli had always been very respectful toward Mister Newton.

WHEREAS, Prof. Santilli and various other scientists brought to the attention of Mister Newton the catastrophic mathematical and physical inconsistencies of q-deformations as well as of other noncanonical and/or nonunitary theories [45-52] routinely published by the JMP often in papers funded by public financial support, without any quotation or dismissal of said catastrophic inconsistencies, thus being in blatant additional violation of fundamental rules of scientific ethics and accountability, as well as in violation of various Laws of the United States of America on misuse of public funds, including plagiarism of copyrighted works, paternity fraud, scientific fraud, complicity in misuse of public funds, and the like.

WHEREAS, Mister Newton sealed his knowledge of said catastrophic inconsistencies and his unethical editorial conduct by rejecting papers [51] and others published in other refereed journals, rejections made via "motivations" that would disqualify a scrap metal salesman due to their offensive language, let alone complete lack of technical content.

WHEREAS, all the above obstructions by Biedenharn, Newton, and several others "scientists," were initiated by organized, academic, financial and ethnic interests on Einsteinian theories at Harvard University in the early 1980s, obstructions rapidly propagated to outsider members of this particular ring (see the legal definition in Footnote 1 of Volume IV, Ref. [35]), since Santilli Lie-isotopic and Lie-admissible theories have produced undesired structural generalizations of Einstein relativities and quantum mechanics for irreversible energy related processes, obstructions that were denounced in the four volumes [37,38] of 1984, 1985 and are now sealed for just condemnation in the history of science in Ethical Probe of Einstein Followers in the USA: An Insider's View, and Documentation of the Ethical Probe, Volumes I, II and III

WHEREAS, following the exhaustion of all respectful attempts to have Mister Newton exit said asocial and anti-American organized ring at Harvard University causing a major loss of reputation to the science of the United Stated of America , a lawsuit was prepared for filing against Mister Newton, against the University of Indiana at Bloomington, against all JMP editors of the time and against all their institutions.

WHEREAS, at the time of filing said lawsuit in the U. S. Federal Court, the District of Washington, DC, it became known that Mister Newton's fraudulent editorship of the JMP had been terminated and the editorship had been taken over by Mister Nachtergaele.

WHEREAS, one year following said editorship takeover, Prof. Santilli contacted Mister Nachtergaele very respectfully by bringing to his attention the above violations of various laws perpetrated by his predecessor, requested the proper quotation of Ref. [1] as the origination of q-deformations and suggested the addressing, particularly in paper under public financial support, of the catastrophic mathematical and physical inconsistencies of said deformations and other noncanonical or nonunitary theories.

WHEREAS, Mister Nachtergaele ignored this very respectful and friendly suggestion of implementing scientific ethics and accountability at the JMP, in an extremely elementary way boiling down to the mere quotation of prior directly relevant literature..

WHEREAS, despite the above unprofessional behavior, in mid August 2007, while participating to the Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance in California with one of his collector Ferraris (see the CV), Prof. Santilli contacted Mister Nachtergaele suggesting a friendly meeting on the matter, but Mister Nachtergaele ignored this as additional request as well.

WHEREAS, Mister Nachtergaele behavior is in violation of the Ethical Rules of the University of California at Davis, as set forth, e.g., in the UCD web page UCD Ethical Rules.

WHEREAS, the legal implications caused by ignoring elementary rules of scientific ethics and accountability can be seen in Lawsuit Number 8:07-CV-00308-T-23MSS against Cornell University and other defendants for paternity fraud, scientific fraud, misuse of public funds and other charges filed at the U. S. Federal Court, the Middle District of Tampa Florida, lawsuit visible in the web site of said Federal Court, or in the mirror web site Federal Lawsuit against Cornell University et al.

WHEREAS, Mister Newton and Mister Nachtergaele have offended the memory of famed American mathematicians such as A. A. Albert, M Tomber, et al, by studiously avoiding the identification of the Lie-admissible character of q-deformation, since such an identification would immediately identity Prof. Santilli's paternity due to his world renowned studies on Lie-admissibility.

WHEREAS, the FINAL attempt to implement scientific ethics and accountability at the JMP was made by the editor Dr. George F. Weiss by contacting Mister Nachtergaele on March 28, 2008, with a nice and friendly letter reproduced below, offering all needed assistance. WHEREAS, Mister Nachtergaele ignored Dr. Weiss FINAL request thus mandating the initiation of these legal proceedings for the protection of the American science, ethics and the Laws of the Land.



I) In your direct editorial responsibility, you are requested to: make sure that the copyrighted paper [1] ([4,5]) is (are) properly quoted in the proper chronological order in ALL papers published in the JMP on ALL parameter (operator) deformations of Lie and/or Jordan algebras; to make sure that the remaining copyrighted papers herein listed are properly quoted in ALL papers on related fields published by the JMP, such as the quotation of paper [6] on ANY paper dealing with numbers having generalized units, paper [9] on ANY paper dealing with the "symmetry" (rather than covariance) of Riemannian line elements; paper [4,5,7] in ANY paper on the representation of irreversible processes; etc.

II) In your direct editorial responsibility, you are requested to make sure that at least some of papers [45-52] on the catastrophic mathematical and physical inconsistencies are quoted on ALL papers on noncanonical and/or nonunitary theories;

III) In your direct editorial responsibility, you are requested to make sure that papers [6,7,8] are quoted in ALL possible papers claiming a resolution or a disproof of the theorems of catastrophic inconsistency of noncanonical and nonunitary theories, and compare the claimed new solution or disproof with that presented in papers [6,7,8].




Evidence of the implementation of requests I), II) and III), statements or comments can be uploaded in this web page following written authorization.

In faith

William F. Pound
International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability (ICSEAA)
email "xyz8887 at gmail dot com"

Copy to Prof. R. M. Santilli via email "ibr at gte dot net", to all members of the ICSEAA, and to observers the world over.


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Subject: Time to address serious legal issues at the JMP
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 11:04:43 -0500
From: ibr ibr at verizon dot net

Professor Bruno L. Z. Nachtergaele
Journal of Mathematical Physics

Dear Professor Nachtergaele,

After giving you ample time to get organized in your new Editorial Post at the JMP, I am contacting you in regard to the legal problems caused by Dr. Newton's editorship, with particular reference to the origination of the deformations by Prof. Santilli in 1967, the theorems of catastrophic mathematical and physical inconsistencies of noncanonical and nonunitary theories and related issues of evident direct relevance for your Journal. For references, I can suggest you to inspect.

Hadronic Mathematics, Mechansics and Chemistry by R. M. Santilli International Academic Press available as free download in pdf format from the web site receivi ng over 10,000 visits per ,months due to their fundamental novelty (Prof. Santilli has been recommended for the Nobel Prize in both Physics and Chemistry by an increasing number of senior scholars, see also

An inspection of Volume I, Section 1.5, may provide you a correct historical perspective on the origin of the deformations, a denounciation of Biedenharn and Macfarlaine (as you can see, Biedenharn knew very well Prof. Santilli origination, since they applied together for a DOE grant, but abstained from quoting it thus ending up with the suicide of his reputation for serious science is not dirty politics), and a presentation of the above theorems with its related vast literature.

In the meantime, in the event, unlike Dr.. Newton, you are interested to implement a serious scientific process, I remain at your disposal as one among other reviewers of articles that may be directly affected by the above legal issues. In the event such a desire for serious science exists, there are numerous other ways myself as well as Prof. Santilli can help you, as you see fit.

You should perhaps know that there is now a world wide movement on these issues, including a public denounciation of the Nobel Foundation ( and various other actions all motivated by the need, underlying these efforts, to promote the search of much needed "new" clean energies and fuels (see, e.g.,

I have no words to recommend you and the other editors of the JMP to keep a distance from the equivocal politics that managed to control Dr. Newton, resulting in the ongoing publication at the Journal of Mathematical Physics of papers in blatant violation of various laws, let one be unethical, as well as known to be catastrophically inconsistent, without any quotations of the problems in violation of the laws under public financial support, as nowadays known an denounced by an increasing number of scientists the world over.

Yours, Truly

Dr. George F. Weiss
Editorial Manager
email ibr at verizon dot net


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