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THE NOMINEE: I hereby nominate for the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry the Italian American scientist Professor Ruggero Maria Santilli, formerly from Harvard University, author of a vast scientific works published by scientific journals the world over, and recipient of numerous honors in three continents (see the Curriculum, the IBR Scientific Works and the Santilli-Galilei Association).

THE DISCOVERY: Prof. Santilli is herein nominated for the discovery in 1998 of a basically NEW gaseous and liquid chemical species, that is, a chemical species definitely NOT based on valence in any of its known forms, nowadays internationally known as Santilli magnecules, comprising individual atoms H, C, O, etc., dimers OH, CH, etc. and ordinary molecule H2, O2, CO, etc. bonded together by magnetic and electric polarizations of electron orbitals achieved under the very intense external fields at atomic distances of an electric arc, as presented in the adjoining monograph [1]. Santilli's magnecules constitute the FIRST AND ONLY truly new chemical species known to the underwriter that has been discovered since the identification of molecules in the 19th century.

Studies on the discovery initiated in the early 1980s via five grants Prof. Santilli received from the U. S. Department of Energy when at Harvard University for the specific scope of developing basically new energies and fuels. The vast body of research conducted since that time is summarized in the five volumes [2]. These efforts include the development of a basically new chemistry, today known as hadronic chemistry, the first theory in history capable of turning the current nomenclature on valence, into a quantitative science, that is, with the clear identification of the ATTRACTIVE force between the IDENTICAL valence electrons with an exact representation of molecular experimental data from unadulterated first principles. By comparison, academic studies supported by the Nobel Foundations are based on the use of arbitrary screenings of the Coulomb law fitted from experimental data and then claiming the validity of quantum chemistry (!!!). Studies on hadronic chemistry are not attached to this nomination to avoid duplicates since they have been repeatedly delivered to the Nobel Committee in Chemistry by various scientists around the world through the years (see the 2007 nomination of prof. Santilli for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry).

Following the investment by the corporate sector of several millions of dollars, threee different new fuels with Santilli magnecular structure are now in regular production and sale in the U. S.A., Europe and Asia: MagneGas, produced and sold by Magnegas Corporation; HHO produced and sold by Hydrogen Technologies Applications, Inc.; and MagneHydrogen, produced and sold by Clean Energies Technologies, Inc. (see monograph [1] for details)

THE RELEVANCE: It is now established beyond doubt that fuels with Santilli magnecular structure admit a full combustion, without any release of toxic substances in the exhaust. By comparison, petroleum based fuels are known not to admit a full combustion even in a Formula 1 engine due to the excessive strength of their valence bond.

As an illustration, Prof. Santilli is a keynote speaker at the international conference on new fuels scheduled for next June 12-15 at the Monza International Race Track, Italy, (see theSchedule of the Monza Conference on New Fuels) where he presents a Ford Contour Bifuel car produced for running on gasoline and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) but used with Compressed MagneGas (CMG).

A view of the Ford Contour Bifuel running on gasoline and magnegas presented by Prof. Santilli at the 2008 Monza International Conference on New Fuels.

WITHOUT the catalytic converter (see attached pictures) the exhaust of the Ford running on magnegas is composed of:

1) No HC originating from MG (the few HC in ppm originate from engine oil seeping through piston rings since MG cannot contain HC being formed at about 10,000 degrees F of an electric arc);

2) No CO under proper combustion (because CO is a fuel component of MG while being a byproduct of combustion for fossil fuels);

3) 12%-14% breathable oxygen in the exhaust (MG can be synthesized very rich in oxygen to decrease the current alarming oxygen depletion in our planet, while being fully stable thanks to the novel magnecular bond since the same feature would be impossible under a valence bond);

4) About 50% water vapor (MG having about 65% H2, thus having an exhaust temperature about half that of fossil fuels);

5) 4% to 6% CO2; a few ppm of NOx; and the rest is given by atmospheric gases."

Detection of the exhaust of the Ford running on magnegas without catalytic converter via a 5-ways certified exhaust analyzer.

The scientific relevance of the discovery is so self-evident to render offensive any elaboration. The financial relevance of the discovery is given by the fact that magnegas is cheaper than gasoline - of course when produced in sufficient volume -, trivially, because gasoline feedstock (petroleum) is quite expensive as sadly known by all these days, including the ,members of the Nobel Foundations....., , while magnegas feedstock (liquid waste) brings an income rather than costing money. Also, the efficiency of Prof. Santilli Hadronic Refineries is quite high due to a new type of carbon combustion in the plasma surrounding the submerged electric arc (see for details the Magnegas Technology).

The ecological relevance is given by the fact that magnegas is the environmentally most acceptable automotive fuel available to mankind today with no comparison known to the underwriter. For instance, various governmental and academic conduits have and continue to advertize hydrogen as an environmentally acceptable automotive fuel, which advertisement, as conducted, is a scientific, financial and ecological fraud because hydrogen currently has huge environmental problems such as (see Prof. santilli's article Alarming environmental problems of current hydrogen combustion that defiend for the first time oxygen depletion at the 2000 world Hydrogen Conference in Munich):

A) Oxygen depletion caused by the permanent removal of breathable oxygen from our atmosphere and its conversion into water vapor that cannot be recycled by plants into breathable oxygen due to the excessive water vapor content of our atmosphere. By comparison, gasoline is environmentally preferable over hydrogen because gasoline also causes oxygen depletion into CO2, but its percentage in atmosphere is very small compared to that of water vapor and, unlike the case of H2O production by hydrogen, plants do recycle CO2 into breathable oxygen. It is estimated that mankind would be today extinct because of lack of sufficient oxygen left in our atmosphere in the event the currently running one billion cars would have been operated on hydrogen. Note that, particularly when presentated by "experts", any denunciation of global warming due to CO2 excess without the joint denunciantion of Prof. Santilli oxygen depletion is a vulgar scientific fraud against society, because the O2 in CO2 was originally breathable oxygen and then it is no more.

B) Ozone depletion.As well known, H2 seeps through container walls and, bein the lightest gas on Earth, rapidly rises to the ozone layer where it causes one of the fastest chemical reactions known to man, H2 + O3 => H2O + O2, thus causing an ozone depletion that has no comparison for fossil fuel combustion since their exhaust is heavy. At any rate, in event a tornado brings gasoline exhaust all the way up to the ozone layer, there is no known chemical reaction as that with hydrogen. Another scientific fraud perpetrated by technicians against society is the lack of admission that HYDROGEN is the primary origin of the ongoing ozone depletion, with no quantitative comparison with other causes.

A picture of Prof. Santilli Hadronic Refinery converting liquid waste (such as engine oil waste as used for the Monza Conference) into the gaseous magnegas fuel via a submerged electric arc. The Refinery is called hadronic because of incredible deviations of quantum chemistry from experimental data of submerged electric arc, that assume enbarassing predictions of about ten times bigger or smaller than the measured values (see for technical details Vol. V of [2]).

C) Hydrogen also suffers of additional serious environmental problems that are known to technicians to qualify as such, but are not disclosed to the public to allow political manipulations of environmental issues for personal gains against the environment.

We have similar, perhaps worse occurrences with other alternative fuels, such as ethanol, biodiesel, etc., thus confirming that fuels with santilli magnecular structure are the best environmentally at this writing.
THE ETHICAL PROBLEMS: We are experiencing increasingly cataclysmic climactic changes. Academic corruption was tolerated until recently as a sinister aspect of human life, but the continuation of its tolerance is nowadays sheer irresponsibility if we really care for our children and grandchildren. This new historical and environmental scenario mandated in 2007 the internationally known open denunciation of the Nobel Foundations for excessive support of excessive academic corruption under an excessive subservience to organized interests on Einsteinian and other pre-established doctrines (see the web site International Denunciation of the Nobel Foundation for Organized Obscurantism). These unfortunate shadows on the Nobel Foundations then mandated the PUBLIC nature of this nomination, for there is just too much at stake for mankind to honor secrecy for nominations not aligned with organized academic interests, yet crucial for society.

Firstly, academia must be denounced because of the widespread oblivion, with due and increasing exceptions, to the new fuels with Santilli magnecular structure, while the corporate research is immensely more advances following large investments. Above all, academic chemists must be denounced as a real threat to mankind because they dismiss EXPERIMENTAL EVDIENCE on the new chemical species of Santilli magnecules with mere THEORETICAL THEOLOGIES based on an Arian-type illusion of power. As an illustration, one can inspect the amoral, asocial and ascientific dismissal of Santilli magnecules by Mister J. V. Calo [3a] - I cannot possibly call him professor ! - of the Chemistry Department of Brown University in the USA, and their dismissals by Professor M. O. Cloonan [3b], Professor J. V. Kadeisvili [3c] and Professor Trell [3c]. Santilli's magnecules are based on a vast volume of EXPERIMENTAL measurements. Hence, any dismissal via theological arguments alone without any counter-measurements is indeed a crime against mankind due to the indicated scientific, financial and environmentally implications, creme as perpetrated by Mister Calo [3a] and other chemists at "leading" academic institutions (leading on what, scientific crimes?).

Secondly, the most repugnant corruption by academic chemists occurs in regard to the inspection of the experimental evidence establishing the NOVELTY of Santilli's magnecules over the old species of molecules. For instance, numerous academic chemists dismiss the historical IRD scan of Figure 24, page 78, of the attached Ref. [1] as being "trivial" and the like. This scan refers to the LACK og IR signatures of the various peaks in the MS spectrum of the preceding Figure 22, page 76, for atomic mass values ranging from 40 amu to 500 amu, which MS scan whows several peaks in macroscopic percentage NONE of which had been identified as a molevule in the 500,000 molecular species available in the memory of the instrument. It should be stressed that all these scans were released in 1998 under the signature of the chief analyst of the analytic laboratory at the McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA. IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY SPECIES WITH VALENCE BOND TO HAVE NO IR SIGNATURE AT THESE LARGE MASS VALUES. PERIOD. Hence, denial of this evidence is indeed vulgar and repugnant academic corruption intended to suppress undesired new knowledge for personal gains.

Thirdly, even assuming that with some horrific manipulation of scientific evidence academic chemists manage somehow to adapt said evidence to their beloved Einsteinian and other theologies, Chapter 5 of the monograph [1] provides experimental evidence, including statements released by various independent analytic laboratories in the USA, signed by their manager (under the pains and penalties of perjuries, mind you!) establishing that Prof. Santilli has discovered a new chemical species consisting of 99.,2 % of hydrogen, yet having more than fourteen times the specific weight of hydrogen. At this point, delicate academic parlance is complicity in a scientific crime against mankind, and denunciations have to be plain: any chemist who denies the basic novelty of this new chemical species without extensive counter-measurements and experimental denials is vulgarly corrupt and a treat to society due to the indicated scientific, financial andenvironmental implications (e.g.,Prof. santilli's new species will avoid the very dangerous cryogenic liquefaction of hydrogen for automotive use, prevent the ozone depletion by hydrogen and have other benefit rendering hydrogen an environmentally acceptable fuel). THE HYDROGEN HAS ONLY ONE ELECTRON . HENCE, HOW CAN ANYBODY DARE TO CLAIM THAT IT CAN BOND FOURTEEN H-ATOMS AND DREAM NOT TO BE ACCUSED OF VULGAR AND REPUGNANT CORRUPTION ? Yet the corrution in academia is so engraved to push academicians way beyond the level of their dignity.

CONCLUSIONS: A distinction must be made here between Professor Ruggero Maria Santilli and numerous academic chemists. Professor Santilli has distinguished himself, not only for the novelties of his discoveries, but also for the scientific caution and dignity in which he presents them. For instance, he has clearly stated that the INTERPRETATION of his new species is indeed open to scientific debates, and that his interpretation via magnetic and electric polarizations is just a working hypothesis to initiate quantitative studies, as a consequence of which this nomination is primarily (but not solelly) submitted for the experimental evidence of the new species, Also, Prof. Santilli had told the underwriter various times that he does not care about the name of "magnecules" and stated "everybody should be free to select any other preferred name, such as PotatoCules, since the novelty of the species over the valence is the important aspect.

By comparison, in the absence of fast corrective measures, academic chemists, again with due and increasing exceptions, have sealed their condemnation by society and posterity because of their corrupt scientific conduct of throwing totally ascientific and vacuous pseudo-judgments on a topic so important for society, via a clear abuse of academic authority often perpetrated under public financial support, thus violating a number of civil and criminal laws.

The Nobel Foundation is already under an open denunciation of supporting to date these asocial, amoral and ascientific practices clearly against mankind, support perpetrated via the granting of Nobel prizes under extremely equivocal motivations (see the above quoted Denunciation). Additionally, the Nobel Foundation has exposed itself to a historical condemnation because of the traditional posture of waiting for "academic acceptance" at a time in which novelty is notoriously opposed in academia at whatever cos. As a consequence, the Nobel Foundation has acquired a direct responsibility for the lack of resolution of our alarming environmental problems since in the absence of qualified recognitions, the much needed scientific novelties are notoriously suppressed by corrupt academia.

Hence, it is time for the Nobel Foundation to come to its senses, and perform its duty in honor of the will of its Founder, honor real innovations, which will is diametrically opposite to the conduct of the Foundations so far, honor equivocal deeds by equivocal academia. It is time for the Nobel Foundation to halt passive inaction that de facto supports corruption in academia, stop granting prizes to grossly irrelevant, dramatically tangential or fundamentally inconsistent theoretical as well as pseudo-experimental theologies just because aligned with organized interests on Einsteinian and other doctrines, and initiate the implementation of a constructive role for society, which role can be seriously implemented in one way and one way only: by granting Nobel prizes for advances that, by conception, are against organized academic interests, as the sole way to assure novelty and decency.

Richard Helmann
Corporate Chemist
Environmental Protection Association
150 Rainville Rd,
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, USA
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