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May 10, 2007


On May 9, 2007, the St. Petersburg Times (Florida) published the following
Profile by the St. Petursburg Times
authored by Carie Weimar of Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli, a senior U. S. Scientist, formerly from Harvard University under DOE support, listed by the Estonia Academy of Sciences among the most illustrious applied mathematicians of all times, currently a nominee for the Nobel prize in physics and chemistry. See
CV of Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli
This Profile requires the following comments:

1. Anti-America and anti-Israel posturing at the St. Petersburg Times
As established by available tapes, Prof. Santilli granted the interview to Ms. Weimar primarily to discuss his development of the new, clean burning, cost competitive, 100% American fuel known as Magnegas, where American indicates that the fuel is synthesized from domestic liquid waste rather than foreign oil (see During the interview, Prof. Santilli emphasized his efforts to help Israel achieve fuel independence, including the beneficial political implications that such a fuel independence would have on the area (see

By contrast, Ms. Weimar/St Petersburg time intentionally decieved Dr. Santilli and intentionally damaged the magnegas technology by calling MagneGas contacts and stating ,"I am calling about the lawsuit with Dr. Santilli." Then concentrate in depicting Prof. Santilli as a lunatic outcast scientist with lawsuit fever.

If this is not anti-American and anti-Israel posturing, what else could it be? Surely, with that type of profiling Ms.Weimar/St. Petersburg Times have tried to damage the ongoing efforts for fuel independence in America and Israel.

There is evidence that such an intended damage was intentional, premeditated and part of a wider evil scheme at that paper. In fact, all major newsmedia of the Tampa - St. Petersburg - Clearwater area have been very supportive for Prof. Santilli fight for fuel independence, including very positive presentations at the the Tampa Tribute and Sun Coast, as well as at the local FoX, WB and other news (see Fox News Video on the Magnegas Technology Video by Dunedin Water Treatment Plant Corporate video

By comparison, contrary to all other local newsmedia, the St. Petersburg Times has perniciously refused numerous invitations to even inspect Prof. Santilli technology, let alone print any meaningful report on it. This proves beyond doubt that the silence on the Magnegas Technology at the indicated Profile is part of a wider Anti-American and Anti-Israel posturing at the St. Petersburg Times.

2. Colossal arrogance at the St. Petersburg Times
The main part of Prof. Santilli lawsuits constituting the main core of Ms. Weimar Profile (some of which can be seen in this web site), deal with very advanced, post Ph. D. issues in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Ms. Weimar has a notorious ignorance on post Ph. D. topics in mathematics, physics and chemistry, thus being dramatically unable to understand the topic. Hence, how can the editors of the St. Petersburg Times expect readers believe in their good faith? The publication by the St. Petersburg Times of a Profile on such advanced post Ph. D. lawsuits by a pen as ignorant of the topic as Ms.Weimar, establishes the existence in that paper of a colossal arrogance. or, again, the St. Petersburg Times is indeed an anti-American / anti-Israel conduit?

3. Collapse of ethics at the St. Petersburg Times.
Prof. Santilli has dedicated his lifetime of research to new clean energies and fuels so much needed in view of our deteriorating environment. The success of his fight depends on opposing the ongoing widespread decay of scientific ethics, and this can be best done in the American way, with lawsuits.

Depicting a senior U. S. scientist as a lunatic lawsuits seeker because of his fight to improve scientific ethics confirms the ethical putrescence at the highest levels of the St.Petersburg Times.

There are rumors (currently under investigation by our Committee) that Ms. Weimar's job was commissioned by a group of editors of the New York Times whose nazi-type arrogance renders their actions de facto anti-American and anti-Semitic since the real result is damage against America and/ror Israel. At any rate, the commissioned nature of the job is beyond doubt. A "Profile" is intended in serious news conduits as a review of all most important aspects. For the case of a senior scientist of the caliper of Prof. Santilli, a serious profile would have requested a long list of achievements that motivated his nominations for the Nobel prizes in physics and mathematics, and definitely not their restriction to peripheral lawsuits, while jointly suppressing their intent in defense of scientific ethics and accountability in the United States of America.

The same way in which the job was done confirms its commissioned character. While approaching Prof. Santilli and his associates with all sorts of fake smiles and courtesies, Ms. Weimar approached several of Prof. Santilli's scientific and industrial contacts in a sinister manners, by emphasizing up front the lawsuits even when substantially out of context. This premeditate approach was pushed to such extremes that some of Prof. Santilli's contacts who had the misfortune of being approached by Ms. Weimar had to rush to their attorneys to verify that they were not defendants in the so emphasized lawsuits.

All this as a retribution to a scientist who has devoted his lifetime of research to serve America fuel independence, and is now fighting for Israel to achieve the same independence! What an ethical putrescence at (thanks God! some of) our newsmedia in a fraudulent posture of honesty and objectivity!

Readers of these comments are requested to propagate this webpage as widely as possible because supine acceptance of anti-American and anti-Israel posturing, colossal arrogance, and ethical putrescence, is full complicity.

William Pound
International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability

PS. This webpage has been uploaded, intentionally, without any preview by Ms. Weimar as a mirror response to the fact that she released her Profile for publication without any advance inspection by Prof. Santilli contrary to her promise on record.


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