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Luca Petronio
International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability

On November 23, 2013, members of our Committee made the changes identified below to the article at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruggero_Santilli on Prof. R. M. Santilli (see his Curriculum), which changes are documented in the screens reproduced at the bottom of this page:

1) Addition in the Biography of the initiation of studies in irreversibility during Prof. Santilli's graduate studies in the 1960s with the first Lie-admissible formulation in physics literature and the quotation of refereed papers published by the Italian Physics Society and other refereed journals;

2) Indication also in the Biography that these advanced studies in irreversibility were the motivation for Prof. Santilli moving to America under an invitation by the Center for Theoretical Studies of the University of Miami with NASA support because NASA was evidently interested in irreversibility for application to spaceships during re-entry;

3) Quotation in the HHO section of a series of "experimental" papers all published in "refereed" journals mostly by "independent" authors providing an experimental dismissal of the biased quotation by Calo's criticisms;

4) Addition at the end of the section on Conspiracy of the reference of the editorial review by The Harvard Crimson supporting Prof. Santilli's Il Grande Grido under the title "The Politics of Science;"

5) Replacement in the section Lawsuits of the intentionally biased statement "several journals" with the specific name of Physics Essay and the quotation of a link where the reasons for the lawsuit can be inspected.

In a blatant, vulgar and dishonest violation of Wikipedia rules, the day after our editing, on November 24, 2013, the Jewish editor of Prof. Santilli's article, Arthur Rubin, removed ALL our quotation of refereed publications in important journals, to the extreme of reinstating the original version of the article as one can verify by comparing the screens below and the current version. In particular, the Jew Rubin and his accomplices removed from the section External Links the quotation of the DVD on prof. Santilli Curriculum evidently because this very impressive CV is a clear proof of Rubin's dishonesty pushed to the extreme of systematic violation of Wikipedia rules. What a shame! We, therefore, informed Prof. Santilli who was furious at this additional abuse by Jews in twisting his research for their evil schemes that has been going on for three decades. Therefore, he uploaded in the Talks section http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Ruggero_Santilli the post below Request to change the editors of Santilli's article.

The dishonesty of the comments that followed said post were simply "puking" (in Prof. Santilli's words). A Jew stated that Prof. Santilli was wrong in assuming that his article is controlled since Wikipedia is free and everybody can post, the dishonesty being set by the fact that they can edit and do whatever they want on the article while we and so many other scientists cannot even add refereed papers. Other "puking" actions were given by the justifications by Jews for the removal of quotation of refereed publications at primary journals with unbelievable claims that the links were broken, rather than asking for ctheir correctyions, and so on.

Prof. Santilli then released the second post reproduced below Necessary Clarifications which was followed by a number of supporting comments, such as the attack to Jewish dishonesty in dubbing antisemitic anybody who criticises Jewish corruption, dishonesty. and clear misuse of public funds for their siniter ethnic interests against mankind. The dishonesty of Jews in control of Prof. Santilli article was confirmed by the fact that, as soon as comments became supportive of Prof. Santilli, they were immediately removed and the discussion closed.

Above all the dishonesty of Jewish physicists in control of Prof. Santilli's articles is shameful for the United Stated of America, particularly in the unchallenged abuse of dubbing a senior scientist such as Prof. Santilli (see Prof. R. M. Santilli Curriculum) as being a proponent of fringe scientific theories. This dubbing has been stubbornly mmaintained for years and years, by systematically reinstating such a dishonest dubbing following its documented removal by about lone hundred interventions from all over the world.

This stubborn maintaining of the "fringe" dubbing for such a protracted period of time, despite potentially historical discoveries by Prof. Santilli is the most vivid documentation of Jewish uncontrollable ethnic greed in discrediting highly qualified dissident scholars just because they are not servant of Jewish wishes. The shameful aspect for the U.S.A. is that no American sufficiently cares to challenge such a dishonest dubbing. For this reason, we have reproduced below Prof. Santilli fear that America is doomed which he released for our denunciation of Jewish corruption in chemistry, http://www.scientificethics.org/ACS-corruption.htm

One should note in the latter post the documentation by Dr. R. Cox that Prof. Santilli received life threats by two Jews in February 1989 when he was at his IBR office in Cambridge, MA, after which the Santilli family precipitously left Massachusetts never to return. One should also take into account from the indicated post the misconduct of the Jewish Prosecutor as well as of the Jewish Judge in their unlawful handling of the trial for the unsolved murder of Eugene Mallove following his strong denunciations of dishonest MIT Jews for the evident immoral protection of potential criminal conduct by fellow Jews.

It is necessary to recall here the fact that the Jewish physicists who perpetrated the biggest treason in the history of the United States of America, the transfer of the secret of the atomic bomb to Russian, as well as British and French Jewish brother so as to set up world control of science, had no serious prosecution at all in the U.S.A. (sic!) as one can se in historic details in the denunciation of the Jewish control of the radio show Coast to Coast http://www.scientificethics.org/Coast-to-Coast-corruption.htm that managed to prevent the interview of Prof./ Santilli on the vast experimental verifications of the lack of expansion of the universe because it means the abandonment of Einstein theories for the large scale structure of the universe while billions of taxpayer money continue to be wasted.

Very unreassuring for America is this Nazi mentality that the Jewish sect is above the law of the United States of America, that was implemented in the Florida Courts this year in which, again, a Jewish Prosecutor and a Jewish judge managed to guide the jury to the acquittal of their brother Zimmerman for the murder of an Afro-American unharmed teenager, even though the murderer Zimmerman had approached, had followed and had provoked the unharmed Afro-America teenager (sic!). If this is not a Nazi conception of the life of a sect in a democratic society, what else could it be? Jews in physics, such as Weinberg, Glashow, Coleman, Feshback, Lederman, Veneziano, Thing, Rubin etc. etc. have adopted and continue to adopt decade after decade exactly the same organized Nazi mentality over all non-Jewish physicists. No wonder Prof. Santilli has voiced his fear that America is doomed!

People who are not yet aware of Jewish dishonesty and corruption in physics, should inspect the documented denunciation in Prof. Santilli's 1984 Il Grande Grido http://www.scientificethics.org/IlGrandeGrido.htm with 2008 update due to continued corruption, http://www.scientificethics.org/Orgaqnized_Scientifi_Crime.htm and independent denunciations in websites around the world (including Iran), such as http://www.scientificethics.org/Steven-Weinberg.htm and other denunciations in our website. THE primary reason for the Jews Weinberg-Glashow-Coleman, etc. at Harvard to oppose in the will of the United State Government (that Prof. Santilli should study irreversible processes via a Lie-admissible covering of Lie's theory) is that Lie-admissible theories imply the restriction of Einstein's theories solely to the conditions experimentally verified, motion of point-like particles in vacuum referred to inertial frames, and pass to covering Lie-admissible theories for all other conditions. That's what the organized Jewish scientific crime did not want in the late 1970s and does not want now especially because Prof. santilli is not a Jew.

A primary reason for the Jew Arthur Rubin and his accomplices to remove our editing of Prof. Santilli's article is precisely our quotation of the initiation by Prof. Santilli in the 1960s of the Lie-admissible theories so that the organized Jewish scientific crime can continue to maintain control of science via Jewish theories.

Our Committee agrees with Prof. Santilli documentation of organized Jewish dishonesty and corruption at the U.S. Wikipedia, and disagrees only on his statement that Jewish physicists "are heading for their sealing in the dark side of scientific history" because, in view of their massive and protracted dishonesty and corruption, "lack of dignity and shame" their acting under "pure anti-American ethnic greed," Jewish physicists are already sealed in the dark side of scientific history.

Luca Petronio
International Committee on
Scientific Ethics and Accountability

October 24, 2013

Request to change the editors of Santilli's article

I request a change of the editors in control of my article because of excessive biased abuses of authority and violation of scientific dignity, let alone the violation of basic rules at Wikipedia. As last the example among too many, my article was edited this past weekend with a series of papers published in refereed journals but their content opposes the interest of the editors and they were totally removed via excessively dishonest motivations. Since most of the editors such as Arthur Rubin and his known supervisors are Jews, my continued mistreatment and discrimination by Jews initiated by Steven Weinberg and Sheldon Glashow when I was at Harvard thirty here ago (Il Grande Grido and three volumes of documentation) and increased rather than decreased in time, is causing a world wide wave of "justified anti-Semitism" in the scientific community of which I do NOT want to be responsible.

In the event the editors of my article have any dignity, let alone honesty, they should add the dubbing of "fringe scientist" to the article on Steven Weinberg for his support of the farfetched big bang conjecture, and add the same dubbing in the article on Sheldon Glashow for his known support of the extremely farfetched conjecture of dark matter, both proved to be structurally inconsistent, unable to represent the data for which they were ventured, and disproved by years of experimentation on earth (how can anyone want more!). Additionally refereed papers should be equally removed from their articles. It is unfortunate for the Jewish people at large that, as it happened so many times in their history, they do not see the damage they suffer because of this continued discrimination by Jewish of non-Jewish physicists such as myself for so many decades just because we have technically expressed dissident view3s published in refereed journals.

Above all, following about a century of imposing scientific theories in all fields based on organized ethnic interests on Einstein, rather than physical reality, until they are permitted to remain in control by the silent majority, Jewish physicists will unlikely see that they are heading for their sealing in the dark side of scientific history because scientific truth always emerges, and the later it will emerge, the bigger the historic damage.

Ruggero Maria Santilli, email: basicresearch(at)i-b-r9dot)org

Otctober 24, 2013

Necessary Clarifications

In his capacity of editor of my article, the Jew Arthur Rubin, and a number of other Jewish physicist have openly accused me in these comments of being anti-Semitic just because thirty years ago I criticized in Il Grande Grido the Jewish physicists Weinberg, Glashow Coleman & Co for truly incredible dishonesty, conspiracy and misconduct to the extremes of their documented opposition to the will of the Government of the United States of America that had gave me a grant to conduct research on irreversibility via Lie-admissible theories because evidently needed for any serious study of any combustion. These misconduct, dishonesty and conspiracy again human knowledge for their personal ethnic aims were pushed to such an extent to cause hardship for my children then in tender age by preventing me to have a salary for one entire year from my own grant. All these Jews were documentedly aware of the fact that we all risked our lives in the central Italian Apennines during WWII to shelter decent Jews escaping the Nazi, my being the child bringing them food in their hide, for which I still carry scars in my body from Nazi shrapnels. In the event I had been a Jews victim of the same vexations by non-Jewish colleagues, all Jews around the world would have cried like wounded caws, but I am not a Jew and, as such, I should not complain.

I believe that this posturing that Jewish physicists should not be criticized no matter how dirty is their conduct is a patent of purely Nazi mentality, in violation of the principles of the Constitution of our Country and solely justifiable as an expression of a superior sect above the law for which I, as well as all my fellow American physicists, are "gentiles" meaning "inferior" for the Jewish Torah, thus setting up the foundations for a repetition in America today of what happened in Germany at the beginning of the past century during which Jews took total control of their hosting country and, in their unfortunate - for them - style, abused it with systematic discrimination against non-Jews essentially the same I, Halton Arp, Eugene Mallove and so many other scientists have suffered, by crating such a hate among all Germans that was exploited - and not created - by Hitler. whose consequences for millions of decent jews have been seen by all, but their true origins continue to be ignored by Jews.

In regard to physical truth, organized Jewish interests on Einstein believe to be the sole recipient of truth because THEY - and not me - systematically abuse their capillary organization to discredit and disqualify any dissident view. This has been the case for a century with the organized Jewish discreditation of the rejection of the expansion of the universe by luminaries such as E. Hubble. F. Zwicky, L. de Broglie, W. Podolksky, K. Popper and so many others, and by dubbing "fringe science" my several years of experimental confirmations on Earth. The same organized Jewish interests on Einstein have managed for half a century to impose the validity of Einstein theories within the hyperdense media inside hadrons when said theories have been experimentally established to be inapplicable within a medium as thin as our atmosphere, resulting in a clear misuse of trillions of taxpayers money due to the impossibility for the Higgs boson to exist within Einstein theories, for which misuse of so large public funds the silent majority is responsible since silence in face of such an organized and protracted crimes against human knowledge is complicity, which misuse of large public funds should be investigated by our Attorney General for America to have a chance to survive our current financial collapse.

The lies I keep seeing in Wikipedia, in my article as well as in the comments of ALL other articles in physics, have now reached a level to make me puke because pushed to the extreme of no sense of dignity or share, and a pure, blinding, strictly anti-American Jewish greed. After so many decades of seeing this organized dishonesty, I just had it. See for instance the lie that I edited my article when my IP is shared by many of my associates in science and corporations ! What a shame ! I want to terminate my exposure to this vile abuse of an abusively obtained control of science by blatantly dishonest and corrupt Jews by recalling the statement voiced throughou history that "Jews are always the biggest anti-Semitic people in all times."

Ruggero Maria Santilli, email: basicresearch(at)i-b-r9dot)org

Reproduction of Prof. Santilli's statement in the post
to the effect that "America is doomed"

Note the report by Dr. Cox of life threats Prof. Santilli received from two Jews in 1989, as well as the abuses by Jewish Prosecutor and a Jewish Judge of not treating during the trial of the yet unsolved murder of Eugene Mallove his harsh criticisms of the MIT Jewish community and the threats that Mallove had received.

Prof. Santilli's statement

In view of all the above misconducts, abuses, dishonesty and the like, I feel obliged to express my fear - by praying to be wrong - that our Beautiful Country is doomed because of:

(a) America has accumulated the biggest financial deficit in the history of mankind that increases every day by billions of dollars, resulting in an astronomical amount of money to be payed by future taxpayers to the foreign institution carrying the name of Federal Reserve without fellow Americans even knowing their members ! The additional tragedy for America, that may eventually signal its end unless corrected, is that all investigative analyses on such an unprecedented mismanagement of our Nation are suppressed by organized Jewish interests in control of news media, as I can personally testify with the organized suppression of the propagation of my own research. In this way. fellow American do not know that this financial collapse was caused by the Jewish president George Bush II (because son of a Jewish lady) and his administration headed by notorious Jews such as Cheeny, Romsfeld, Woolfitzer & Co. who attacked Iraq to assassinate Saddam Hussein by abusing American money and blood for the sole intent to serve the interests of Israel, despite our unprovoked attack of Iraq had been publicly declared "unethical" by Pope John Paul II, and with with the clarification that no person sane of mind can possibly claim Saddam Hussein being a threat to the U.S.A.

(b) Since WWII, the U. S. Congress and Presidents alike have violated our beautiful American Constitutions requiring a democratic treatment of all peoples, particularly in foreign policies, by instead providing excessively blatant support of Jews for their military control of the Palestinian people, with the resulting emergence terrorism against us at a cost to the American taxpayers of: trillions of dollars for defense against terroristic attacks; the death of ten of thousand Americans, whether in war or in terrorist attacks; the loss of the N.Y. Towers by Palestinians such as Atta - a notorious Pel;estinian and NOT a Saudi name - and all other people responsible for 9-11; and countless damage to America under the paradoxical condition that the Jewish origin of all these so vast damages must remain undisclosed to this day to protext Zazi-type Jewish interests. I feel obliged in this respect to indicate that I felt offended by the investigation following the explosion of the TWA plane off Long Island during which hearing the most remote or farfetched possibilities were considered, except an interview of the several eyewitnesses I personally heard in TV the night of the explosion who independently saw a missile released by a boat hitting the plane because, as I found later on, that missile was launched by Palestinians and Jewish conduct in Palestine had to be protected. I also felt offended by a recent hearing at our U. S. Congress on the assassination of our Ambassador in Libya, because in this hearing too all sort of extreme or farfetched aspects were considered, except the true motivation for the assassination of our Ambassador by Arabs: the excessively undemocratic servility of the U.S.A. to Israel with ensuing tragic consequences for America.

(c) America is afflicted by increasingly alarming climactic changes, with deaths due to winter tornadoes in the Southern Belt now approaching thousands per year, with the expectation that within a few generations the entire Southern Belt of the U.S.A. has to be evacuated, and ensuing social, political and military up-evils everybody can see.

(d) America is suffering such an unprecedented decay of ethics at all walks of life, particularly in its most vital function, the sciences, to such an extent that various foreign observers have made the parallel between the U.S.A. today and the Roman Empire at the beginning of the second century when Rome had indeed the biggest empire in history, but Romans did not understand that it was gone due to collapse of ethics, and two generations later the Roman society collapsed to such an extend that they were unable even to fix their aqueduct, and Rome because a swamp.

(e) The most insidious threat afflicting America today is the widespread lack of interest by fellow Americans to defend our beautiful Constitution in its most vital part, our democracy at all levels of society beginning with democracy in science. As an example, fellow Americans quickly voice criticisms for the misconduct of any ethnic group anywhere in the world, including Arabs, Palestinians, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Latinos, etc., but when dealing with clear misconducts by Jews they avoid their ethnic identification, by therefore assassinating democracy and fomenting the creation of a superior sect above the law in the U.S.A. The lack of interest by fellow Americans to defend our democracy has reached such an extreme that a number of foreign observers compare America today to pre-WWII Europe, with the insidious difference that the dictators of pre-WWII Europe were fully visible to all, while the capillary control of America today in all its most vital functions is hidden, as it is the case of the ongoing control of American academia, science, scientific journals, news media, politics and finance.

May God save America from organized anti-American interests in America!

Ruggero Maria Santilli

View of the changes we have made on October 23, 2013, in the Biography of Prof. Santilli's article at Wikipedia. Note the quotation of Santilli's studies during his Ph. D. in Turin in the 1969s on the Lie-admissible treatment of irreversible processes, which studies motivated the invitation for him and his family to come to the U.S.A. under NASA support because treatments of irreversibility are evidently important for re-entry of spaceships in our atmosphere. The same Lie-admissible treatment of irreversibility was the motivation of the DOE grant for Santilli when he arrived at Harvard University in 1977 because, again, mathematically consistent studies on irreversibility are also evidently essential for serious studies of any energy release. Yet these are exactly the studies that were opposed by organized Jews at Harvard, notoriously Weinberg, Glashow, Coleman and their evil peers, because "Lie-admissibility" means "surpassing Einstein," something Jewish physicists oppose in a rather vulgar way, thus earning the dubbing of anti-American, dishonest and corrupt scientific gangsters. We were in the process of adding references in refereed journals on Santilli's DOE contract on Lie-admissible formulations when, in a typical Jewish act of Nazi-type abuse of control for which they have been persecuted so many times in history to no avail whatsoever, all our work was trashed out by Jews in control of Prof. Santilli's article at Wikipedia, thus confirming their "seal in the dark side of scientific history."

The "review" of Prof. Santilli's studies on the HHO gas by Jews and their servants in control of Prof. Santilli's article at Wikipedia is simply shameful for the United States of America. In accordance with the rest of the article, the "review" is conceived solely to present intentionally biased views while jointly suppress serious evidence, all this in the dream that readers accepts the scam. We corrected this dishonesty handling of scientific knowledge by first indicating that a stochiometric ration of 2/3 H2 and 1/3 O2 DOES NOT represent the capability of the HHO gas to instantly cut Tungsten and bricks, thus requiring the study of some novel structure. Then we quoted the vast EXPERIMENTAL literature published in REFEREED journals by INDEPENDENT authors that at least part of the HHO gas (about 10%) is anomalous , contrary to the scamming presentation of the article. Yet all this was trashed in the routine action of typical Nazi conduct essentially conveying the posture that "I, Arthur Rubin, am in control, I do what I want to serve my Jewish interests, and you better shut up because you are a "gentile"//meaning "inferior" in Hebrew//" Yes, any American who accepts such a brutal abuse of the democratic essence of the Country without complaining should at least feel shame in being an American.

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