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Denunciation of organized academic, financial and Jewish interests on
Einsteinian doctrines appeared in the "Discussion" section
of Wikipedia article on Dr. R. M. Santilli
on October 18, 2011

February 21, 2011

Denunciation of Wikipedia's Scientific Gangsterism

I have found the posting below in the "Past history" link of the "Discussions" of the Wikipedia article on Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli. The posting is reproduced below verbatim. Unlike the fake freedom of Wikipedia, this forum is indeed open to all interested participants, whether in favor or against Wikipedia. To appear in this page, colleagues are requested to send me an email with a clear statement authorizing the uploading.

Richard Cox
Members of the
International Committee for Scientific Ethics and Accountability

[edit] The importance of "fringe science" for the organized scientific crime in the U.S.A.

Let's stop the political farce and speak plain English. The fuzz underlying the fringe science jazz is money, lots of money, billions of dollars per year. DOE, NSF and other governmental agencies disperse billions of dollars per years for research grants in applied mathematics and physics. All this money, with no recorded exception worth reporting here as everybody can verify, is dispersed under the condition that the research is compatible with Einstein's relativities and quantum mechanics. Wikipedia is nowadays routinely used for references in formal reviews of research grant applications. Therefore, the use of the dubbing "fringe science" for Prof.Santilli discoveries is crucial for the gulping of the totality of the billions of dollars of research funds available every year. Only the most puking person can deny the impossibility for prof. Santilli's associates and followers to receive one penny of federal funds under the dubbing of his research as "fringe science." Therefore, such a dubbing is crucial for the known organized scientific crime in the U.S.A. to control the totality of the available funds. This also establishes that, under the fake image of "free encyclopedia," Wikipedia has been in reality set up by the known organized scientific crime in the U. S. A. as an important vehicle of controlling the taxpayers money. Lots of it.

Look at the recent action by the "editors" of Prof. Santilli's page,. They have quoited as first and most fundamental reference on very advanced ne mathematics physics and chemistry a Sunday gossip paper dealing with a lawsuit Prof. Santilli filed against Cornell University et al for apparent paternity fraud in their arXiv. Why these "editors" did not quote instead the serious scientific monograph I proposed ( or the the strong 1985 support in an editorial of The Harvard Crimson denouncing the excessive "politics of science" ( Crimson(dot)pdf), or the great support by the famous British philosopher of science Karl Popper calling Santilli in his last book the only voice for a "return to sanity in physics," and other very authoritative voices of support? Stop the farce. The only credible explanation for such a puking misconduct is that the "editors" of Santilli's page are acting under the order and guaranteed impunity by the known organized scientific crime in the USA. Otherwise why they do it?

Similarly, the motivation of the 2009 Mediterranean Prize is that Prof. Santilli is the most important living scientist if the time and perhaps one of the most important in history because he is the only one who achieved major discoveries in mathematics, physics and chemistry, with all sort of documentations available in Naples, Italy. Now, why the "editors" place this puking propaganda window on such a prize so important for our country? Because the admission of such an importance would cause the organized scientific crime in the U.S.A. to lose billions of dollars in research. That's why. Its all dirty money.

In conclusion, there is no chance whatsoever that the "editors" of Prof. Santilli;'s page can remove the dubbing of "fringe science" under the current unchallenged capillary control of science by this notorious organized scientific crime and this situation will persist until concerned Americans (and not me I do not have the money or the time) will file class actions for the evident huge damage caused by said crime to our country, which crime is indeed the very reasons for our decay due to suppressed of undesired scientific renewal for money. Alternatively, the sole correction is that hinted in the above quoted editorial t the Harvard Crimson, a senatorial investigation of the misconducts in the control of research money, provided however that such actions identify the real scientific gangsters with their actual names and their actual affiliations. This is the reason Prof. Santilli used actual names in his Il Grande Grido ( and this is the reason Il Grande Grido is nowadays considered one of the most important scientific documents of the P0th century because, following the clear technical identification of the limitations of Einsteinian doctrines and quantum mechanics beyond any political or credible doubt, Prof. Santilli identifies with their real names and their affiliations the scientific gangsters who originated the ongoing organized scientific crime that, again due to complete lack of public denunciations and addressing, has multiplied during the past thirty years. This posting is being duplicated in various mirror sites to prevent suppression by scientific gangsters. Richard cox6797. Preceding unsigned comment added by Kaufman1111 (talk contribs) 22:35, 5 February 2011 (UTC)


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