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February 12, 2013


Our International Committee has received the following letter by Prof. R. M. Santilli to the heads of the Arab Bentham Publishing House, whose content is herewith confirmed and which is reproduced below in its entirety. Comments for uploading in this page by the Bentham House, as well as by any visitor, are welcome although not requested due to the iron strong nature of the denunciation and its documentation. Send messages for uploading to

- Luca Petronio
member The International Committee on
Scientific Ethics and Accountability

,p> February 12, 2014

TO. Dr. Mahmood Alam
Director of Publication
with copy to
Dr. Matthew Honan
Editorial Director
The Bentham Publishing House

Dear Dr. Mahmood Alam,

I would gratefully appreciate the courtesy of an answer to a request to the OAJ Office dating back to December 2013 of indicating the expected date of availability of the "galleys" of the following two "experimental" papers with the understanding that their "publication" may occur when desired

Ruggero Maria Santilli


P. Bhujbal, J. V. Kadeisvili, A. Nas and S Randall, and T. R. Shelke

For the record, these two papers were submitted in Mid 2013 to the Editor in Chief of the OAJ, Prof. Christian Corda (reading us in copy), who conducted an extremely detailed peer review via the use of two external highly qualified reviewers who conducted a word by word analysis of the papers and made several requests for editorial clarifications and improvements that were all accepted and implemented. Following the completion and acceptance of this editorial process, the papers were then formally accepted by the Editor in Chief in the attached official letter of 12.16.13. Since we are organizing the following international meeting in the field of the two papers

First International Workshop on on Nuclear Fusions Without Harmful Radiations
Organizers: A. Bhalekar (India), C. Corda (Italy), and T. Vougiouklis (Greece)
Session 110 of the ICNAAM meetings in Rhodes, Greece, September 22 to 26, 2014

and we cannot complete the organization of this meeting without the galleys of the two papers, we requested since December 2013 the courtesy of indicating the date of availability of the Galleys with rather arrogant silence to the authors from three continents. In addition, we have heard from high level and informed British colleagues that you are apparently considering the rejection of these papers, and the dismissal of the formal acceptance by your editor in Chief of the Journal on grounds of "equivocal advice originating from, notorious scientific gangsters" (in the language of this British informant).

To understand our serious reservations, it is essentials for me to recall the following documented dark shadows in your operations. In 2011 I organized with my personal financial support the following

International Workshop on Astrophysics and Cosmology for Matter and Antimatter
Republic of San Marino, September 22-26, 2011

during which meeting I had the great honor of receiving the Gran Cross of the Sant'Agata Order, which is the biggest honor granted by the Republic of San Marino. During the same meeting I additionally received the 2011 Nepal Scientific Prize granted to be by Prof. Bhadra Man, Dean of Kathmandu University, Nepal. You can see the documentation in the website http://www.santilli-foundation.org/santilli-nobel-nominations.html

In announcing the San Marino Workshop, as you can very in its section "Proceedings," we made the great mistake of indicating that selected papers will be "submitted" for peer review to the Bentham OAJ.

During the sessions of this 2011 San Marino International Workshop, scientists from three continents received a written notice from Bentham "prohibiting the submission" (!!!) of the conference papers to the OAJ, as I am sure its astonished Editor in Chief Prof,. Corda will testify.

From the arrogant silence to our gentle requests for the above quoted accepted papers, I am not sure you truly understand the implications of this conduct, particularly the damage caused by the Bentham House to the credibility of Arab Scientists and Publishing House because motivated rejections of submitted papers are appropriate scientific actions, but the "prohibition to submit" papers is a clear manifestation of scientific gangsterism with the the intent to suppress undesired advances.

Due top the extreme gravity of the case, I immediately contacted Dr. Luca Petronio (reading us in copy), Secretary of the International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability - ICSEAA (www.scientificethics.org) and requested the hiring of a European Investigative Agency specialized in academic misconducts of this type.

Following several months, and the payment of a considerable sum of money, the ICSEAA did received a documented report in by the hired Investigative Agency including, besides various documentations, the following statement:

"Dear Dr. Petronio,
In their capacity as heads of Bentham, Mahmood Alam and Matthew Honan ordered the participants of the 2011 San Marino Workshop not submitting papers to the OAJ following a request by the internationally known Zionist and scientific gangster Steven Weinberg of the University of Texas art Austin, who acted jointly with the other internationally known Zionist and scientific gangster Gabriele Veneziano of CERN, via the coordination of a participant to the San Marino Workshop, the Jewish physicist Hagen Kleinert (whose participation to the workshop had been paid by Prof. Santilli's Foundation. Following (see www.scientificethics.org) | Additional intelligence has shjown that the first origin of Bentham scientific gangsterism is that the 100 years old scams on the expansion of the universe are based on the untiold intent to maintain the validity of Einstein theories rthrough the unibverse | The identified Jewish gangsters do not have technical arguments for dismissal | Thus they abuse their academic credibility for opposing the propagation of the experimental evidence against the expansion of the universe that was scheduled for presentation, and was in fact presented at the San Marino Workshop | Additionally, Einstein's theories show no differentiation between matter and antimatter, while Prof. Santilli has discovered a new mathematics and physics that achieves such a differentiation | Again to maintain Einstein's theories evidently to serve Jewish interests, while exploiting mankind, the above identified gangsters managed to suppress the "submission" to the OAJ of the additional papers presented at the meeting on the existence of antimatter in the universe.

Stated in a nutshell, and my heart is bleeding, Bentham is an incredible case of Arab servility to clear Jewish dishonesty } May Allah save my people !

Have a Blessed day

Hhhhh Al-Zzzz

In conclusion, this letter is mandated by the fact that the Bentham House has already a record of suppressing due scientific process, let alone publishing, advances beyond Einstein's theories on the existence of antimatter galaxies, as per documented record occurred during the 2011 San Marino Workshop.

The above quoted two papers provide "experimental" evidence on the existence of antimatter galaxies in the large scale structure of the universe via the sue of a basically new telescope, thus fueling allegation of a second suppression by the Bentham House for the clear intent of serving dishonest Jewish (certainly not Arab !) interests.

In view of the equivocal occurrences, since I have my own dignity, this is my final request for a rapid clarification whether or not the Bentham House does indeed honor or dishonor the formal acceptance in attachment of its Editor in Chief and, in case yes this is my final request for the Bentham House to honor our request since December 2013 of indicating a tentative date of availability of the galleys of both papers, the publication being left to any desired time.

In the event of continued silence I must very regrettably agree without any further communication with the conclusion of the ICSEAA Investigative Agency that we have an an "incredible case of Arab servility to clear Jewish dishonesty."

I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of new scientific knowledge. Hence, the buck of Jewish or other dishonesty stops here: The processed and accepted papers are "experimental:. Therefore, on grounds f my four decades of editorship I can safely state counter-arguments should be "published" following the publication of the original measurements, and the possible dismissal of the two accepted papers without counter-experiments would be sheer scientific corruption against mankind. Period.

Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
CV: http://www.world-lecture-series.org/santilli-cv
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